Xiaomi Unveils New Wearable Dubbed as Xiaomi AmazFit or Xiaomi Mi Band 2

After the pocket-friendly Xiaomi Mi band, Xiaomi has upped it game with the plethora of smart gadgets including air purifiers and smart TVs. In the recent news, the leading Chinese OEM has now launched a new fitness band. While we were waiting for the upgraded version of Mi Band or the Mi Band 2, this new wearable is a different ball game altogether. Dubbed as Xiaomi AmazFit aka Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it looks like a dainty watch.  The circular part of the band is made of Zirconium Oxide, which is said to be one of the most-resistant metals.



Xiaomi wants us to use its latest wearable to be used as a fashion accessory as well. According to the sources, the design of AmazFit is thus that it can be used as a pendant and bracelet. With an IP68 certification, the band connects to Mi Fit application over Bluetooth 4.0LE to Android tablet or smartphone. Packing in 15mAh battery that lasts about 10 days, the band comes in two designs. One is the sports rubber band and the other is bracelet type. There is not much information available as of now on the placement of the center circular module in the larger scheme of straps. As far as features are concerned, there is not much either to be posted. The new wearable might be just the replacement for the debutante wearable and called as Mi Band 2 or could also be the new series by the OEM.

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Availability and Price of Xiaomi AmazFit/ Mi Band 2

Like Mi Band, Xiaomi AmazFit is expected to be launched in China by mid-October for $47 or 299 Yuan. The Xiaomi AmazFit is expected to be available in a variety of colorful straps, out of which white and black color straps are said to be offered at first.

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  2. […] Xiaomi Unveils New Wearable Dubbed as Xiaomi AmazFit or Xiaomi Mi… […]

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