Xiaomi Mi Band Review: Between the Good and Bleh

I have been using Xiaomi Mi Band for some time now, over two weeks to be precise. The debutante wearable from the Chinese giant does its bit and does it well. It tracks your sleep, count your steps and on the basis of which it lets you know the calories and fat burnt. You can also set it to for running and hiking but the data has been kind of off the radar. When you walk, it is accurate for most of the times.

Unpacking the Xiaomi Mi Band:

Finally here it is! The packing is neat, in a cutesy yet indistinctive box. The box carries in a mini USB charger, strap you have chosen and the sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Band box

If you are expecting something very flexible for strap, it is not. You need to jut the strap out to insert the sensor. It is advised that you charge it completely with the USB cable that comes with it. Meanwhile you could download the Mi Band App from PlayStore. The Mi Band is compatible with Android smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher. Once you have inserted the sensor into the strap and downloaded the app, keep the band and phone closer with the Bluetooth on to help them find each other. Enter your detail on the dashboard such as name, weight and goals you want to achieve. I set my goals to 12,000 steps. The lights blink as you progress towards your set goals. But in my case, it wasn’t enough.

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I could have used a beep or a voice as a motivation. I have completed my goals twice and almost sort of missed the light thinking of it as a missed call notification.

You can sync the data later to the app so if you don’t want to carry your phone while you are running, it is okay. The Xiaomi Band also tracks sleep and it has been perfect and accurate for me. While it won’t tell you to correct your sleep patterns, it can still tell you the number of hours you slept, hours of deep sleep and minutes you were awake in between. It can also wake you up on the set alarm or when it is the optimum time based on your sleeping pattern. However, similar to the light nudge it gives as you complete your goal, the alarm vibrations come as they go. Don’t rely on it much.

The Xiaomi App also has incoming call notification, alerting you of incoming calls through light vibration. As it connects with the Bluetooth, the range of such notification is limited. And most of the times, you get alert when the incoming call turns into a missed call. If you are out of range, try turning off and on the Bluetooth to let the devices sync.

Xiaomi Mi Band Specs

  • compatible with Android 4.4+/iOS 7.0+
  • 14x9x36mm aluminium alloy core
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • IP67 water- and dustproof
  • 8mm 41mAh battery, 30-day life
  • 13g (5g tracker)
  • 157- to 205mm silicone strap
  • Sleep and fitness tracker


Basic Tracking for $13 or Rs. 999 (INR) is just awesome. If you aren’t using any wearable, it is the go-to option to put numbers to your workout and take the guesswork out of it. Without any screen and basically relying on just three LED lights, the battery life is freaking good. I charged it full once and it is still 81%.

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It is waterproof but the wrist starts itching once the band straps are wet or when you are sweating profusely. I have to take it off and dry it often. The rubber straps are tacky and catch dirt. The light colored strap becomes yellow and then black in no time. So, I settled in for black strap from the very start. The tracking isn’t refined either. I have been still and have watched my hand jerks / motion being counted for.

Should you Buy Xiaomi Mi Band?


Go for it if you need some motivation and want to affix some numbers and progress to your schedule. I moved my butt and made it a point to make this obstinate wearable nudge a little and applaud my efforts. It might be the best thing to happen for the fence sitters and people who cannot decide on Fitbit or Jawbone given their hefty price tags. Yes, of course until Micromax YuFit comes along!

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