Xiaomi Mi Band Flash Sale on May 12, Book One Now!

The flash sale of Xiaomi Mi Band was perhaps the smallest sale ever because within 7 minutes the entire batch of Mi Band was sold. The first wearable fitness tracker from the Chinese giant, it stands true to the brand image. The Mi Band price is just $13 and at this price, it offers you some features that most of the high-end brands are offering.


The band is compatible with Xiaomi flagships, Mi3, Redmi Note 4G, Android 4.4+ and iPhones 4+ with iOS 7 or above.

The Mi Band identifies you and lets you unlock your phone with a single swipe. If anyone else tries to unlock your smartphone, the phone would need a passcode for access. Since Mi Band is connected with cloud-based Mi Account, the security of personal data manifolds. Though, you need Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI or Android 5.0+ to use the unlocking feature of Mi Band.

The fitness front is well-covered as Mi Band tracks number of steps taken, monitors activity levels, sleep and calories burnt. You can set daily goals and go for new ones as you build up strength and stamina every day by completing them. The lights of Mi Band go off as soon as you go to sleep. You can sync the data with Mi Band app via Bluetooth LE to understand your progress and how well you sleep. It features silent alarm that gently buzzes to wake you up.

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You can save up to 1 year of data in the cloud and get customized feedback and suggestions based on this. Share the data, goals and accomplishments with connected friends and pursue a healthy competition.

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The Xiaomi Mi Band also alerts you for incoming call. If it senses that a call isn’t picked after a certain time, it alerts you. The Band is made of aluminum alloy core and has hypoallergenic silicone band, making it safe for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies. It has IP67 rating, which makes it okay for occasional splashes but unfit for taking it underwater or in shower with you. At 5.0 grams, it is lightweight and easy on wrist. The red, blue, orange and green indicator lights on Mi Band can be customized with the help of app.

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It boasts of 30-day battery life on a single charge, which is about, as the official page claims, 4 times better than the other fitness bands.

If you cannot find your Mi Band, simply go to the app in the phone. If the Band is within Bluetooth range, it will light up and vibrate.

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Besides this, the Band has been subjected to high-temperature and low-temperature tests. It has also been dropped on floor for 12 times during drop tests with a surface height of 1.2 meters. The Xiaomi Mi Band was also tested for corrosion and was left for 12 hours with petroleum jelly smeared on it.

Available in pop colours such as blue, pink, fuchsia, green and orange, the Band design is otherwise plain and sans any button. You don’t need to turn it off or on, as it connects with your smartphone. You need to register to buy Xiaomi Mi Band first.

Indian users can buy Xiaomi Mi Band for just Rs. 999. Register here for flash sale on May 12, 2015.

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