Probable Features and Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Last year Xiaomi has launched its first smartwatch which was worth just $13. If you are worried about the quality of the watch, then you can rest assured that this is one of the best value for money smartwatches available in the market right now. When Xiaomi launched this watch last year it mocked all the smartwatch manufacturers as no one else could make such a great product in that price. This year we are expecting Xiaomi to launch the next generation wearable any time soon.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Rumors about Xiaomi Mi Band 2 have been surfacing the cyber space from quite a long time. Though it is difficult to speculate about the features of this smartwatch now, but here is a list of upgrades that we would like to see in this Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Band with Display

In the first generation wearable from Xiaomi, we didn’t get to see a band with display. So this a must change that we are expecting in the next generation wearable. Either it can be a low power LED display or AMOLED display that consumes a lot of power.

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Added Fitness Features

The first version of the wearable did have a fitness app but its activity was limited to counting steps and sleeping activity. This time we are expecting that more features would be added to the fitness features. This is definitely going to make it much more popular amongst the fitness freaks as they will get the opportunity to invest on a fair priced smartwatch with a varied range of fitness features.

Calorie Meter

A stable and all encompassing calorie meter is a must feature that we would like to see in Band 2. The Calorie meter must include accurate details of the calorie intake of food from all over the world. This will help consumers from all across the world to keep a check on their diet.

Better Mi Fit App

Xiaomi needs to seriously work on the Mi Fit app. Users are question the reliability of the data and analysis done by it. Moreover, uploading data in this app is not easy. We are expecting that Xiaomi is going to overhaul the Mi Fit app so that users can fully rely on it.

Turn Mi Band 2 Into A Remote Control

In Xiaomi’s range of smartphones already some apps have been integrated that cater to smart home feature. Therefore, it led us to think that the next generation smartwatch might be also integrated with features whereby the wearable is turned into a remote control for switching on different gadgets in your home.

Xiaomi Mi Bnad 2 Specifications

Rumors are afloat that Band 2 is going to come with a touch screen. It will  be also possible to sync smartphones with wearable and thereafter the users can check notifications from smartwatch itself. The heart rate counting sensor will be present on the back side of the gadget.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Price

With so many added features in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 we are quite sure that the price of the gadget is also increase. Till date Xiaomi has provided us with only a sneak peek of the gadget and didn’t share any details. But we are expecting that the product will be launched with the next two months and its price is going to be about 35$, which is almost thrice the price of the present product.

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