World’s First Eye-Tracking Headgear FOVE Gets Money from Samsung

FOVE is world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset that reacts to your emotions and eye movements, resulting in better control as and when you think about it. You get realistic and more immersive experience as you can control the VR applications in real-time. Additionally, you get high resolution display, head tracking and wide field of view rolled into this one head mounted display.

You can convert existing video games easily.  It is PC compatible so, you don’t need any gaming rigs for VR. All you have to do is to nod or glance to make the game characters react. The makers have also tied up with the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged for Play the Piano project. The FOVE captures the eye movements of the users and convey them to play the selected chord of Piano.

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The FOVE rendering of images is very much like sight targeting, the FOVE keeping the track and calculating the vision of users and as an output, transmitting the reaction. This head mounted display also lets you look at and react with virtual 3D characters very much like real-life scenario. The natural movements and capability to track eye movements reduce simulation sickness due to unnatural head movements.

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Availability and Price of FOVE:

You can back FOVE on Kickstarter. The project goals have been accomplished so you must hurry if you want to get hold of this eye tracking headset for $375 instead of $500.

FOVE is expected to ship by 2016.

Moreover, it is reported by Engadget that Samsung Ventures have invested in FOVE to fuel up its VR ambition. While Samsung has been very friendly with Oculus but investment in this Korean firm means that Samsung is pretty serious about virtual reality and would not shy of trying new options.

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