Wiko and névo come together to bring the stylish Wiko Watch

At MWC-2015, people witnessed quite a stylish wearable in the form of Wiko Watch. The fruit of the partnership of névo and Wiko, the Wiko Watch takes cues from the minimal design and sleek look of the névo watch. The French sophistication is written all over it. While névo has a flagship entry into the wearable segment under the name of névo watch but for Wiko, it is the first attempt. The designs are created by Chris, who has designed the first attempt of névo watch though, both flagships are entirely different.

Wiko Watch

Compatible with both Android (4.3 and above) and iOS 7+ via a companion app, this watch comes in pop colors and looks stylish. It can alert you for incoming calls and messages as well as track your fitness. The three side buttons can be used to navigate the menu. While it lacks the functionality and performance metric of the other smartwatches on the block, it tries to make up to that with its youthful looks. It doesn’t have a touch screen and also, lacks an integrated operating system. It stays somewhere and hangs in suspension between a traditional time telling device and falls exceptionally short of being a smartwatch. The LED-based system gives you different alerts for several notifications such as the completion of your fitness goals or for an incoming message. On the fitness front, it can count the number of steps and monitor your sleep pattern. The automated time zone system updates the time automatically in accordance with the country’s time you are travelling in. Since the watch doesn’t have any battery-draining features, the company claims that the mechanical functions can run for over 4 years. The smart watch could run on this battery and track the fitness activity for about six months and then, you need to replace the battery. The watch is available in three different color options of turquoise, red and black. Though, there has been no concrete information regarding the price but the expected price range could be anywhere between €100- €150.

Like névo, users could have different and interchangable options for straps. The Wiko Watch will be available in late June.

If you want to get the taste of wearable for the first time and aren’t bothered much about the technology or what goes into it but the looks, then Wiko Watch could be your thing given its pocket-friendly price range.


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