What is a digital hygrometer? How Does It Work?

Inadequate humidity levels in a building, room, or enclosed space can cause an impact on your health. It can even interfere by damaging expensive possessions and storage conditions.

Whether you are evaluating the humidity levels of the home, ensure right storage of cigar, operating a garden, or taking the best care for animals, it is very important to measure the relative levels of humidity at a place.One of the best ways to do it is by measuring relative humidity at a space using a digital hygrometer.

What is Humidity?

Humidity is a term that denotes the levels of water vapor present in the atmosphere that is the result of evaporation and condensation. It is measured as relative humidity or absolute humidity. More than adequate levels of it gives an uncomfortable feeling to a person and can even cause heat stroke. The right value of relative humidity is between 30% – 60%. In these levels, a person feels comfortable.

What is basically a hydrometer?

Too much or too little humidity levels can cause health issues and also disturbs the environment. To balance humidity levels, it is important to get a hygrometer. This is a weather instrument that is needed for the measurement of the humidity levels in the atmosphere.

There are mainly two kinds of hygrometers available on the market. These are a mechanical hygrometer and a wet and a dry wet bulb psychrometer. Both of these hygrometers work by measuring the water vapor and humidity levels in the atmosphere, in confined spaces and in the soil.

Instruments used for the measurement of humidityrelies on measurements of quantities like mass, pressure, temperature, an electrical or mechanical change in substances as moisture gets absorbed. By calculation and calibration, these measured amounts can result in the measurement of humidity.

Working of Hygrometers

Digital hygrometer for humidor work in varying ways that depends on the objective and applicationfor testing the content of moisture in the air. The commonest kind of hygrometer, a psychrometer makes use of 2 thermometers. One that has a wet bulb and the other that has a dry bulb. Temperatures start to reduce as moisture begins to disperse from the bulb.

The relative humidity gets determined by performing a comparison of the differences in temperature between both the thermometers. It is measured by performing a comparison of the readings with the help of a calculation table.

This table compares the surrounding temperature as measured by the dry bulb to the temperature difference between both dry and wet thermometers.Use of hair and dry/wet hygrometers helps in the effective measurement of relative humidity precisely in an enclosed environment.

The simplest kind of hygrometer is the mechanical hydrometer that makes use of a complex system. It uses a human hair strand that contracts as well as expands to displace a needle.

This expansion and contraction in the hair strand are due to the surrounding humidity.

The organic material i.e., hair is held below slight tension created by a spring, that is connected to a needle gauge. It gives an indication of the humidity levels based on the way the hair has displaced.

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