Wearality Sky 3D Glasses to give your smartphone screen 3D feel

Virtual reality wearable technology takes a new route with Wearality Sky 3D glasses, a virtual reality device that is limitless and has exceptional FOV, thanks to the lenses and optics used. The immersive 3D world gets clearer and the FOV expands to 150 degrees compared to the 90-100 degrees of the available devices. It is the widest FOV head to be available today in the VR devices. The Wearality utilizes double Fresnel lenses that make you see things differently on the smartphone screen. It doesn’t use an enclosure which is meant to prevent light bleed. Instead, it gives you two blinders that are optional and a ball cap to block light from the sides and top.   It also means that you enjoy the hands-free usage of the VR device. Just slide the phone into the straps, attach the cap with hat clips and that’s it!

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Wearality Sky 3D Glasses

It is to be noted that no other VR device, be it Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard is as portable. The campaign page of Wearality reads that the device is collapse-able. Wearality Sky also claims to have reduced the simulation sickness due to its no-enclosure design.  This no-enclosure design also enhances the physical interaction while reducing the eye strain as well as provides a fixed reference to the users.

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Designed by Lockheed Martin, the double Fresnel lens technology is used in defense and aerospace industry. This wearable VR is lightweight and stylish. You can play 2D/3D movies through it.  Wearality Sky 3D glasses work with every 5 inches and 6 inches phone such as Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Here you can see the video, which is filmed on LG G3 smartphone and involves looking through the Wearality lens. As the page claims, it is the real-time coverage through the lens with no correction made in terms of barrel distortion and chromatic aberration. A special cardboard QR code is scanned to increase FOV by the team.

Availability and Wearality Sky Price

The project was featured on Kickstarter and funded successfully. The developers’ edition will be different than the retail product as the latter will be improved on the basis of feedback provided by the Wearality Community.  The retail version of Wearality Sky 3D glasses is expected to be available by October while developers’ kits are supposed to reach you by July. You can back the project the at Kickstarter and get a frame with the lenses as well as a pre-attached arms of 5” or 6”  mobile phone as selected by you. The arms have in-built hat clips.

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The project is also supported by Google Cardboard.  So, when you order Wearality Sky, you get a QR code that gives you instant access to Google Cardboard apps, which can be used with this wearable VR device too. Wearality Sky is also compatible with development tools like Unigine, Unreal, Unity and their apps.

The company and its project, Wearality Sky gets a new boost and promise as Michael Jones, the ex-Chief Technology Advocate for Google, joins as the CEO.

Source: Kickstarter

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