Wearables to Break Away Bad Habits

Wearable tech has developed a lot since we started writing on it. Wearables aren’t what they used to be. They have come of their age of just counting steps or number of calories burnt. We have smart gear that moves with your body, is unobtrusive and helps you correct body posture while exercising. From counting steps to helping you watch the calories you burnt in bed, you name it and it is quite possible that the wearable world is ready with an answer.

Wearables to Break Away Bad Habits

Do we have wearables and apps to keep a tab on your food intake? Check.

Are there any wearables or gadgets to smart you up and help you to not fall prey to bad habits anymore?  Check.

Yes, the wearable world is ready to give you a break from your bad habits. Be it the habit of biting nails, procrastinating stuff to the eleventh hour or even slouching unintentionally, when it comes to health and well-being, it is better to just say goodbye to it. But yes, it depends on you whether you love your bucks more or your bad habits!


pavlok protolead

Do you remember Stephen King’s Quitters Inc? Pavlok doesn’t come close to being that nasty but it falls somewhere in that zone. The website claims to have helped hundreds of smokers, nail biters and impulsive eaters quit and led a healthy life. How, you ask? By giving you a mild shock that could range from a gentle poke to a slightly uncomfortable one! And in just 5 days! If you aren’t pleased with the results, this wearable comes with a 6-month and 100% cash back guarantee.

The makers of Pavlok has made quite an impressive list of bad habits and no matter how peculiar you think your habit is, you could most certainly find it there. If you can’t find your habit there, you can list one and start working on it. Connect with the app and the GPS, sensors and friends will help you to stay motivated and on track. The electric shock sends message to the brain and every time you reach out for your temptation, your brain reminds you of electronic shock.

Workable or not, you decide!

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IoT-MOTI lets you see through the goals and keeps you motivated

While Pavlok sends you shock and try negative enforcement to break a habit, this cute robot is a wonder of IoT that lets you form an emotional connect with a habit you want to form. MOTI uses behavioral science, quantified self movement and social robotics to help you feel more connected to your goal without feeling the burden of it. Once you have completed a part of your goal, you push a button and it emits happy sounds, helping you to stay motivated and prompt with your goal. While some says it takes 66 days to form a habit, according to science, you need a trigger, a routine and a reward to develop something into a habit. Once you know the trigger such as your goal of walking 2000 steps a day and have completed a part of it, you will be rewarded as well as shown the stats in terms of how many steps more are needed to cover your goal.  This habit loop theory forms the basis of MOTI.

Lumo Lift:

Lumo Lift sensor

Every time you slouch, your lungs get compressed and receive less oxygen. Moreover, the bad body posture you develop results in neck pain and cervical spondylosis while ruining your appearance.

Lumo Lift has been around for quite some time now and is known to be really persistent and annoying with the users. When you calibrate the device, the sensors judge your position according to the angle of good posture. If your job is something where you have to do occasional standing and sitting, you are in for a surprise and you will be “vibrated” a lot and you might need to calibrate the device quite often.  The Lumo Lift will even send you vibrations if you bend to get something off the floor. Though the vibrations are gentle, the repetitions can get the better of you.

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