Wearable pain manager Quell will provide quick relief from pain in 15 minutes

Quell is a wearable pain manager that promises to give you quick relief in 15 minutes and also makes an exception by not just sticking to your wrist. Instead, it is designed for chronic pains around the calf. The user simply wraps it around the pain site and it neuro-stimulates the area by sending controlled and low-level electrical signals through the brain’s central nervous system and thus, releasing pain-relieving opioids in the process.


A product of NeuroMetrix, it was showcased in the CES 2015 and was selected as a finalist for the awards. It is basically an electrical-stimulation device that works on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation made for consumers. The general manager and SVP of Quell, Frank McGillin informed that the pain relieving wearable is juiced up by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a disposable electrode. The electrode and battery can provide about 40 hours of therapy. The lifetime of electrode is estimated about two weeks. The entire unit of Quell is held in a fabric that can be wrapped around the calf of the patient. McGillin has also said that Apple Watch Health Kit compatibility may arrive soon.

The Quell is designed in a manner that it regulates and optimizes the intensity of electric signal being sent to the brain. Though, on the whole, it has the capacity to deliver up to 100 milliamps. According to McGillin, it is complex inside but for the patients, it very simple, almost like plug-n-play.


The founder of Neuromatrix and CEO, Shai N. Gozani, M.D., Ph.D is holder of more than 25 international patents and author of numerous peer-reviews scientific articles. He stated that Quell will help the patients to reclaim their lives from chronic pain and improve the life quality gradually.

Depending on the person’s tolerance towards the electric stimulation, Quell needs to be calibrated by the user. After couple of usage, it can adjust to the optimum therapeutic level on its own and increase or decrease the intensity depending on the overall duration of therapy or upon understanding that the person is sleeping. Quell is also compatible with iOS app that monitors sleep pattern. Sleep is a natural indicator of a person’s overall health and pain relief management. So, if a person is sleeping well with the pain management of Quell, the device is working. Users can also connect the device to their smartphone for better pain management and change the therapy’s intensity as well as amount of stimulation. It is compatible with both

This non-invasive pain management can be very beneficial for patients who suffer from degenerative knee problems such as sciatica and fibromyalgia. Since it is lightweight and hardly interfering, people can wear it to work or in day time as well. You can wear it during sleep too. Upon wearing the device, you may feel a light tingling buzz on the calf and the efficacy can be experienced within 15 minutes.

Price and Availability of Quell

The pre-orders will kick in March at the price point of $249 and the company will start shipping by spring. Since adaptability to electronic stimulation varies from a person to person, you also 60-day cash-back plan. Quell is approved by Food and Drug administration to be sold OTC but initially it will be available at doctors’ clinic and can be ordered online from the official website.


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