Wear your hometown on your body! Here is how

If you are wondering what warrants this post despite the fact that neither the custom clothing nor the prints of exotic locations on the clothes are new. Well, custom printing on custom clothes have always been limited to the famous locales but what if you would like wear your address on your sleeves literally? The brainchild of Rachel Binx, Monochōme brings you this chance to live your place in a unique way. Monochōme is a clothing service company and in exclusive collaboration with OpenStreetMap lets you select any neighbourhood around the world and print on the custom clothing.


The custom clothing options include tank top, t-shirt, flare skirt and pencil skirt. It is to be noted that OSM or OpenStreetMap is a non-profit service and may not be as accurate as Google Maps. But for the design, it works out just fine. Once you have figured out the general details, the rest of things are easy as a cakewalk as you can just pan and zoom out on the area you want to print.


If you cannot find your area, you can pan and pull the structural data to zoom on the building in the nearby vicinity. If you find that your area is not listed there, you can sign up and register your vicinity on OSM.

Those who miss their hometown or need a souvenir, it is totally their thing. Priced between $45 and $85, it also does not hurt your pocket. The shipping and delivery time is about 2-4 weeks. International shipping is also available.  Be street smart or home sick, just do it in tech-style.


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