wankband lets you save the environment and energy by jacking off

Those lonely bathroom trips and locked room moments of yours are going to have a companion (nope, not what you thought.)

It is a wearable named wankband that will be your partner in those hormones-going-bonkers moments. Why we are covering it because while you will be jerking off, this device’s kinetic charger will store this electric energy. This energy is 100% sustainable and can be used to juice up your other electronic devices like laptop or mobile.

wankband lets you save the environment and energy by jacking off

wankband is the brainchild of Pornhub and the website described it as, “the power in your hand.” Stating that while people consume millions of hours watching online adult content, the “energy” which is generated is wasted and “hurts” the environment (no, please don’t ask me about this. I am as clueless as you are.)

So, Pornhub took this to itself to protect the climate and introduced the wankband that stores the energy and while you are playing with yourself, it also lets you show love towards the planet. As you shake the wankband up and down, it generates “energy.”   The wrist motions produce energy, which is in turn store in the internal battery. It will be available for both men and women because you see, both have the power to save this world.

While we are getting sex wearables that track your performance in bed, a wearable like wankband was just the matter of time. The kinetic charger is a new concept and definitely can be “used” by in some form as a cure of battery drain problem that plagues the wearable segment. Though, it is to be noted that the energy produced by the device won’t be enough to last you a day. However, if you are an environmentalist or care about the climate change way too much, nothing is impossible for you.

As per the website, the wankband is still in “beata” phase and will be “coming” soon. You need to fill a simple form to tell them that why it should land in your “loving hands” first. The YouTube SFW video posted on the website is already a hit and for all the right reasons. Thankfully, it isn’t in line with the content of the website and shows that how the wrist movement could save your ass from soaring electricity bills.

The website is inviting the ideas to share your ideas on how to use wankband by using #wankband on Twitter.

Meanwhile, when you are at it, look for the tweets and you won’t be disappointed. While a person is looking forward to light up the entire neighbourhood in case of a blackout, the other girl wants to send it to her ex! Well, folks, what you have to say? Does the power to end the energy crisis really lie in our hands? Is this the “end” to the energy crisis our scientists and intellectuals have been worried about? Bleh! While I ponder that why the kinetic energy had to turn kinky and remained elusive for the think tanks of some top-notch wearable OEMs?

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