Vector Watch promises 30-day battery life

The makers want the wearables to make it to an entire day without having to look for a breather now and then to pump up some power juice inside. Despite about a year and a half into the Android Wear, this still remains an elusive goal. At the Annual Luxury Watch Fair in Switzerland, the Vector Watch made an appearance and grabbed limelight because of the promised 30-day battery life. If the new Vector Watch stands true to its tall claims, the future of wearable is all-bright and shining now.

Vector Watch promises 30-day battery life

The Vector Watch is available in two shapes, the round face Luna and the rectangular face meridian. The former has 44mm custom stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal whereas the Meridian has 4.5mm case built of the same material. With 5ATM water-resistance, this smartwatch is solid and classy.  Users can pick from a butterfly closure stainless steel strap, leather or silicon strap. Based on the company-built OS, the Vector Watch’s monochrome screen always stays active and you just need to turn your wrist to glance at the time or information.

The smartwatch is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. The screen can be customized with analog and digital watch face designs.

The Vector Watch isn’t ambitious and doesn’t try to replace your smartphone. The watch deploys contextual awareness implying that it will eventually understand your browsing habits and will provide you with relevant information. The algorithm will try to assess whether you are at home or work. Based on this, it will take the smart feed and present you on the screen. The official website indicates that the wearable instead filters the relevant information and allows you to glance at the feeds that need your attention right away. Thus, saving you from the trouble and distraction of pulling out your smartphone on every alert.

As soon as you rest your wrist, the screen of Vector Watch will stop blinking. The company is working with several third-party apps such as Nest, IFTT, sports, stocks and weather to facilitate this. Along with this, it keeps you covered on fitness aspects like number of steps taken, calories burnt, goals accomplished and distance measured. It can also monitor your sleep.

At the heart of it, it is of course a watch and features functions like stop watch, countdown timer and multiple time zones.

Availability and Price of Vector Watch

The unisex smartwatch is limited edition and available on pre-order. The round face Luna Vector Watch can be booked for $349 whereas for the rectangle face meridian, you need to shell out $199 only. There is no information available regarding the shipping date.

Since Vector Watch aims to be less of a gadget and more of a time telling device, the claim for 30-day battery life doesn’t seem to be far-fetched. The company claims that the even with the high intense usage, the Vector Watch can easily make it through for a month. So, is it the answer to the wearable tech and its battery issues? Do you also think that Vector Watch seems too good to be true? As the company website fails to reveal certain specifics such as the OS and what exactly triggers the battery life, we have no option but to wait and watch.

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