Tinitell wearable wristphone puts worried parents at ease

Dear parents, here is introducing you to your peace of mind. Meet Tinitell, it is the smallest wearable wrist phone for your kids and undoubtedly, the best thing to happen to you in such uncertain times. While kids are outside having fun, the parents stay worried about their well-being. Tinitell helps you to track them without being obtrusive to their fun-filled lifestyle. Parents can also relax knowing that while updating them with the whereabouts it doesn’t expose the kids to the unnecessary technology.


The wristphone features built-in GPS / Glonass that lets you track the device anywhere, at any point of time. With the help of connecting app, you can forward calls from the smartphone. The IP 57 rating means that it is child-proof, water-resistant and even safe while playing with the sandbox. The voice recognition feature is also integrated and accessible via single touch. Just push the button and say the name.

Understanding that it could be very difficult to convince the kids to put the device for charging, the makers have ensured quite a pretty backup. The wrist phone from Scandinavian company can last for 60 minutes of speech and is capable to provide you of standby time of 1 week. It has microUSB port for charging and can charge fully in less than an hour.

Equipped with GPS, accelerometer and Bluetooth, it is an open SDK and developers can expand as well as customize it further.

To make it ready for work, insert a voice-ready SIM card. Smartphone users can download the app. Or you can register on the website and get the dashboard open there. The app is compatible with iOS and Android OS.

The Tinitell can save and check your contact list on the app or website. You can also check the number of calls and monitor them on web or smartphone via the app. If you don’t want to use the voice recognition feature, you can ask your kid to use the volume buttons the side panel to scroll through the list. Receive calls from pre-defined numbers and also set the contacts that can be automatically answered by the device, without having to use the push button.

The Tinitell App is versatile and is made in the way parents would like to keep the track of it. With the app, you can position the device and see it on the map. Only the specific administrator can assign position for Tinitell. You can also assign the admin details to a trusted babysitter or neighbor.

Availability and Price of Tinitell

Tinitell is available for every country and ships internationally except for South Korea, North Korea and Japan. It has unlocked SIM card slot and thus, any SIM card across the world would work with it.

The device made an appearance at Kickstarter for the funds and is now open for pre-orders. Tinitell is available in four colors namely, Aqua, Coral, Indigo and Charcoal. The official website states a discounted price range of $129. The maximum retail price is mentioned as $199.

Estimated delivery date is scheduled as April, 2015.

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