Tim Cook confirms April launch for Apple Watch

“I am using it every day and I love it and I cannot live without it.”

This is what Apple CEO Tim Cook had to say about his Apple Watch. While the entire world is waiting to hold Apple’s much-awaited smartwatch in the hand and get it over with, Apple CEO had this to say, which rubbed it in. But in another breath, Tim Cook also said that Apple Watch will be shipped in April! Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, there is not an iota of disbelief and confusion anymore!


The announcement here was made at the company’s quarterly earnings call that was a blockbuster in every term. A beaming Cook here registered the massive sales and made this surprising and pleasant revelation followed by the remark that Apple Watch is going to be an incredible innovation. Cook also stated that the response received by the developers and app makers has been very positive so far.

From Valentine’s Day, early 2015 to April, this is quite close now, we say!

Apple Watch, which is going to be the major new product since the launch of iPad in the year 2010 and the first new product under the reign of Tim Cook, it is expected to be a breakthrough and game changer for the wearables.

This also puts a brake to the widely speculated rumors of an April release. It is to be noted that Apple Watch is being touted as the most personal device ever by the company and it is the first time ever that the Cupertino Company has made an exception by announcing the release date during the earning call. Though, there is no specific date or pricing information but we expect that Apple may host an event anytime soon now. Till now, let us just try to imbibe the business shrewdness and acumen displayed by Cook to amp up the buzz of the earnings event.

While some of us noted that Apple is falling behind the schedule as Apple Watch should have been shipped by March, Cook has insisted that it is all sorted and an April launch was the only plan.

Like any other smartwatch, Apple Watch has to face some certain expectations and given the fruit’s name that tags with it, the expectations are pretty high. Before the release, Apple has to bear it and sort it out. Yes or no, well, seems like we won’t have to wait much to know this.

Apple Watch will be available in the three models, regular model, sports watch model and a luxury high-end version. While you are here, do not forget to read about our round up story on Apple Watch.


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