The Tale of Apple Watch and its Straps

Touted as the most personal product made by the Cupertino Company to date, Apple Watch has become one of the most anticipated wearable of the recent times. Tim Cook confirmed the shipping of Apple Watch by April. It is expected to come in variety of styles and with multitudes of straps. Since there has been quite a gap between the announcement and actual shipping date and Apple flagships have always been speculations’ favorite children, the rumor mills are working overtime.


Be it price, shipping date (before Cook confirmed) or different watch faces, Apple execs have been tight-lipped about Apple Watch and this only added fuel to the fire. Now when the released date is approaching, the recent speculation comes from the 9 TO 5 Mac, which tells us that Apple Watch’s straps will be available on the very same day of release of the watch, offering users with multitude of options to customize watch. It is to be noted that Apple watch will be available in three versions, standard, sport and limited edition. These watches will available with straps in sizes of 38mm and 42mm. Multiple colors are available in straps but modern buckle and leather loop will be available with select few models such as 18 karat gold Apple Watch edition. This indeed is a strategic move by California-based Company as it adds to the exclusivity of the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, Apple has already started to train its employees and blend-in the retail store in the anticipation of new launch.

Until now, Apple has only showcased Apple Watch with the pre-customized option giving users a perception that Apple Watch won’t provide them with the option of personalization. Also, there was not any confirmation if Apple would provide straps separately. But if this revelation is any indication, users can easily mix and change the swaps to give it a personal touch. This also is in line with the statement that Apple CEO, Tim Cook has been making it about being the most personal device of the company. Though, there has been no news about the number of straps, color and variations available for purchase at the launch but this is for sure that users are definitely going to have multitude of choice to customize their high-end watch.

Via 9 to 5 Mac


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