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With the advent of the internet and the smart devices, the trend of online payment is on a great hype, that which the industry has never seen before. With numerous payment apps available in the app store of both the mobile platforms, it is often confusing for the user to choose a single app that is accepted everywhere and at the same time is secured enough to be used everywhere.

Payments apps are gaining the interest of the public and that’s the reason why there are daily new additions of such apps in the appstore. Apart from some well-known and established apps in the field, a few banks have also developed their personalized payment app with distinct features.

However, if you were looking for an app that is developed by a reliable developing house, is secure enough for the day-to-day transaction and provides the users exclusive offers, then you should look no further than the Tez app developed by the Google Inc.

Apart from being developed the most reliable app provider of Google’s playstore, the Tez app is also one of the best and the most feature-rich digital payments app available. The features and the security patch of the Tez app make it a worth try, and if you are supporting the Digital India campaign initiated by the Indian Government, you should once try this amazing app by the Google Inc. So, let’s dig deeper into the unique features, the performance of the Tez app and let’s find out whether it is the right choice for a digital user, or not.

Tez app Features and abilities

The first thing that you will notice after installing the Tez app on your smartphone is the amazingly simple user interface. Unlike the other digital payments apps, the home screen greets you with Pay, or Receive screen, where you directly search for the other Tez users nearby. BY doing this you can initiate the transfer twice as fast than the major digital payments apps available in the store.

The first step however to use the app is to register your bank account to the app that will enable you to directly make the transfers from the bank account. Additionally, this also enables you to receive your money directly to your bank account, instead of the payments app’s account as most of the other digital payments usually do.

This indeed makes the Tez app more reliable than most of the other similar apps on the playstore. Apart from this, some of the other remarkable features of the Tez app are listed below

  1. Local languages included. So you can use the app as per your preferences.

India is a large country and it is not necessary that an English app, and its functionalities, will be understood by every single person in the country. Moreover, it is also not possible for every single small business owner or vendor selling the veggies to know the language and the technical things written in English.

Thus adding the local language support is a must for better reach to people in India. Tez app is available in almost every major Indian language and the support is further enhanced with every update form the developers.

  1. The app connects itself with the bank’s UPI number.

The app is fairly easy to set up. Even if you don’t have the UPI pin, you can easily set it up using your phone number and the details you have shared with the bank. This will associate the app with the account number and it would be much easier for you as a user to access the services and benefits of using the Tez app for every transaction you have made.

  1. To make the app secure, it has the security features like pin and pattern lock.

As the app associates itself with your bank account, it is always good to have some added security. The App lets you add an extra layer of security by introducing the pattern and pin lock. This enhances the overall security of the app and also help you to rely on it, completely.

  1. A new and unique Cash mode

Cash mode helps you transfer the money to an account without knowing the phone number. The app will search for the nearby mobiles using the Tez app and prompts you which device you want to transfer money to.

What’s on the latest update of Tez app

The latest version of the Tez app enables you to recharge your mobile. This along with numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements has made the app more usable, reliable and more secure than ever before.

How to download and Install Tez app Apk

A great thing for the users with limited internet access is to download the latest version of Tez app by using the Tez apk on their mobiles. The Tez apk can be downloaded by following the link provided, and once you have downloaded it, you can either share it with your friends or save it as a backup for the further installation purposes.

You can get the latest version with the latest security patches here.

Installation steps

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you need to follow to install the Tez app through the apk file.

Step 1. Download the Tez app apk by following the link.

Step 2. Once downloaded. Open the file and allow the settings to install the apps through unknown sources.

Step 3. Click on Install, when prompted.

Step 4. That’s all. Sit back and relax until the app is installed as usual on your phone.

Final Verdict

As said, there are plenty of digital payments available in the playstore, and the Tez by Google Inc. is a relatively newer app than those. So, it may be possible that you find a very few vendors who use this app. Still, when it comes to usability and features, this app can compete with almost any similar app available in the store, and in some cases, it can beat the market leaders too.

So, if you can cope up with the limited number of users (which will be just the matter for a few months), and are looking for a brilliantly engineered app that has a lot of security features and a brilliant customer care service working 24*7 to solve your problems, then you should not look any further than the Tez app from Google Inc.

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