Tangram Smart Rope: Jump on it!

If you loved skipping rope during childhood and then thought it looked kinda weird jumping it when you grow up, I am going to throw two surprises at you, if you aren’t aware of them already. First, jumping rope is the best cardio exercise you can get, you don’t have to go to any gym or need special training. Second, if you thought that skipping rope isn’t for your grownup ass, well, Tangram Factory brings you a smart rope that is meant for adults and bring the ol’ rope at par with advanced fitness equipment. The rope was unveiled at MWC-2015. Well, it isn’t the first time we have covered a smart rope on Weararena, you have read about Sophia here.

Tangram Smart Rope

The smart rope is dubbed as Tangram and is equipped with LED lights and sensors that very unlike the old rope; let you know the progress you make with skipping.   If you are into skipping, you will anyways know the difference in 30 days but for a potato like me, getting the motivation and watching the progress even how small it is, can push me to make an effort. And this is how, the Tangram smart rope brings a major boost to your fitness routine.

While it is difficult to remember the number of jumps you skipped and to maintain the pace throughout, the Tangram smart rope will display the data right in front of you and will remind you to take break in between as well as will help you to keep a count on the calories burnt in each session when logged into the calorie mode. With the help of a connecting smartphone Smart Gym app, it will track the activity level and progress based on your BMI. The dashboard app will take you to a simple registration wherein you need to fill the details such as height and weight.

The app also has an interval training mode that on the basis of your jumping ability and BMI provides you with recommendation on goals and interval training. To help you motivate, the app lets you share status on Facebook and reach out to other friends with workout goals. More social integration is also on the cards with the future software releases. Additionally, the team also plans to take the platform to the next level by integrating it with Apple Health and Google Fit. The integration with Apple Watch is already under pipeline.

The team has embedded 23 LED lights on the rope, which has flexible printed circuit board design. The lights help you to have clear visibility and see up to four digits displaying your progress as you jump. You can switch to calorie mode to keep a tap on how many calories you burnt. The new software releases also plan to display emoji and icons. The LED lights are also an indicator for battery life and switch on / off mode.

The handle houses the proprietary magnetic sensor that contributes to the accurate recording of the data such as complete jump. The Bluetooth 4.0 connects the rope to your phone while a single button is there to start the digital panel or switch it off.

The smart rope is capable to work as standalone model and can still track basic jumps without connecting to the smartphone. When you connect to a smartphone, it can sync the data with the app.

So, get started now and jump on the bandwagon. It’s raining or snowing outside or you don’t want to throw your monthly budget off-track with gym expenses, the Tangram smart rope is there to strengthen your muscle, make them flexible and enhance the stamina, giving you a complete workout at just $70! The smart rope will be available in four different lengths, small, medium, large and extra-large. Pre-orders are open for the smart rope on the official website. Estimated shipping date is September 2015.

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