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How many of us actually realize or are aware of correct body postures? Honestly, we don’t pay attention until somebody pokes us that we are slouching or bending.  Incorrect body postures not only impact our personality but health also. What if we could have a wearable to alert us whenever we are in wrong posture? Folks, here is Backbone that alerts you when you slouch and asks you to  move a bit as well on sensing inactivity for a long time.


During these times when most of us work on laptops non-stop and have little to almost zero exercise, we don’t realize when slouching and incorrect postures become habit. These incorrect body postures can result in increased tendency of back injury and spinal problems.

Conceptualized by Bifrost Biotech Inc., this shoulder wearable is featured on Kickstarter and has received positive response. More like cops’ shoulder holster,  backbone detects your posture while standing, sitting and exercising. So as to maintain a good personality and healthy outlook everywhere you go! It also tracks your progress and gently nudges you through vibrations whenever it detects slouching or incorrect posture.  It aligns your body and trains your mind through constant alerts.

This back support brace is claimed to be almost weightless and can be sported underneath or on your clothes.


What makes it relevant is the fact that most of us are so vague about our body postures. Take me for instance, I don’t know whether I stand in the correct posture or not. I know for sure that I slouch during my evening jog when I cannot run any longer and have to drag myself to complete the next mile of my running goal.  When I realize, I try to maintain my posture but then again, I don’t know for how long I could keep it.  While it is a fact that exercise and walking in incorrect postures cause more harm to the spine, it is almost impossible to remain always alert and vigilant of your body postures.

Backbone notifications will help people to maintain their correct body postures and as it alerts people to walk upon detecting inactivity, it will also lead them to a healthier life style.

Available in three sizes small, medium and large, you can adjust Backbone according to your shoulders.

Tech Inside:


This sleek arm holster, Backbone comes with a mobile app that makes you practice the correct posture.  It lets you track the number of slouches and bends you did while standing, sitting or exercise. Not just this, it also appreciates the number of times you maintained correct body postures.


Syncing and using Backbone is easy like 123! Press start the app as soon as you wear the holster. Whenever you go into a bad posture mode, the holster will start vibrating and it will also send vibration alerts to your connected smartphone. You will also get smartphone notification for your every move so that you can keep a track on your progress.

This back support wearable is android and iOS compatible.  As no heavy complexities are involved, you don’t need to charge the device much and it can stay up to 2 months on a single charge.  On a 8-hour usage daily, it can survive from 7 to 14 days.



However, while wearing this you need to make sure that you are adjusting the shoulder strap to your correct posture.  The holster ensures the proper alignment between shoulders and spine.  So,  you should feel comfortable and maintain the correct posture to help the app read and monitor it.

Backbone Price:

At just $49, Backbone comes in the league of already established spinal posture wearable such as Lumo Lift and BetterBack. Though, the campaign page reads out loud that how it is way ahead.


Shipping Date and Funding:

Backbone is expected to ship by October 2016 and there is yet 7 days to back this project and receive exclusive rewards or cashback points that usually happen with the crowdsourcing campaigns.

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