Starling: Baby Wearable for the Stars of Future or For Stars under Pressure?

I cannot seem to understand this new generation of parents and I’m at my wit’s end with the arrival of wearable tech like Sterling by Versame. The wearable appears on Indiegogo for crowdsourcing and claims to be the world’s first word-tracking system for the families.

Starling Baby Wearable for the Stars of Future or For Stars under Pressure

Aren’t our kids are going through under tremendous pressure already? And why do we need to always pinpoint parents about are they doing the right thing or not? It is understandable to be concerned about your child’s development but equipping your kid with technology and tracking his / her progress. Repulsed already! I would rather tell my kid to go, play and make new friends!

Describing that how with the help of Starling wearable you can boost the language development of your kid and fill the ‘word gap’, this wearable is lightweight and you can pin it to the shirt of your kid. It tracks the numbers of word your kid hears and learns every day.

Its connected app lets you analyze the development your kid is making day-after-day. While it monitors the progress of your kid, it also encourages you to talk more so that he can learn more words.  But it doesn’t record the conversation, because God forbid you used a cuss word in front of them. It just counts the word that you say. So, it is just your conscience that would tell you to mind your language.

Since kids might be using the Starling, it is made BPA-free, gluten-free and phthalate -free. Hence, you don’t have to worry about if your kid start chewing it or cover it will drool.  Moreover, it is water-proof too, so your kid can take it the bathtub with him.

And it doesn’t need internet connectivity to record the words your kid says. You can always sync-in to your smartphone later when you reach in a signal zone. It connects to iPhone over Bluetooth LE and the app also keeps on rendering relevant information regarding child development to the caregivers.

And yes, the progress graph of a kid is shown as below,

What if your kid cannot cope up with the pressure of A+ expectations but is an excellent painter? Why can’t I just tell him to go pursue his own dreams and not being bogged down with what I want out from him? After all, not all kids can be A+ students.

It is not to say that Starling isn’t a wonderful thing to start kids’ education at an early stage but I’m not convinced that there needs to be a technology that bogs them down and their parents this soon.

You can back the project here.

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