Smartwatches of the Year

With coming-of-the-age features and technology, watches are not just watches anymore. They have become smartwatches or rather intelligent accessories that have access to your data on smartphone or tablet. These connecting links do not let you feel encumbered and really let you use the smartphones, in a smart way, without using hands and holding the device to your ear.

Smartwatches of the Year

A wearable computing gadget, smartwatches look exactly like watches but are computerized and technologically-laced. From performing basic calculations to playing music and taking calls as well as receiving notifications, a smartwatch does it all! The data processing ability of these smartwatches is equivalent to the smartphones. Packed with special features like GPS, mapping, biometric, thermal sensor and heart rate monitor, you can make your wrist bone a platform of unlimited possibilities.

With the hoopla around Apple Watch, Android-powered Moto 360 smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, smartgears are finally coming out of the closet. The landscape of smartwatches is also evolving drastically and we all are witness to the paradigm shift that is happening at an exponential pace.

Here, we bring you a comprehensive list on smartwatches that are gearing up for the big show or have been written off by the critics but still made the mark due to some cutting-edge features or for just making an attempt. The way size of components is reducing and the technology is progressing, we are sure the world of smartwatches is evolving with the same speed.

Top 10 Smartwatches of 2014

Here is the sneak peek on smartwatches which are the best contender so far in terms of features, looks and battery life. Head to the comments and tell us what do you think of these? Have we missed to include your favorite smartwatch? If yes, do let us know!

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