Sleep Tight with RestOn

RestOn is a sleep monitor that you don’t have to wear. Instead, it stays in the bed and ensures that you have a good night’s sleep. This sleep managing device keeps tabs on the sleep quality with the help of its medical-grade sensors. The integrated sensors measure respiratory rate, sleep cycle, heart beat and sleep time.

Sleep Tight with RestOn

Sleep deprivation is one of the modern world’s epidemics. We work odd shifts, keep partying and the Internet takes the best of sleep hours. The research conducted shows that 46% of the adults over the age of 18 admits to the fact that they don’t get enough sleep. Chronic sleep problems plague over 70 million people today. And we are talking about just America!

Feeling sleepy for entire day because of poor routine can be counterproductive and can induce pre-mature ageing. Other than that risk of some other pressing health issues like diabetes, depression, hallucinations and strokes is also there. For troubled sleepers, this non-wearable smart monitoring device comes in handy to provide comfortable and natural sleep. It is ultra-thin and according to the sources, you won’t even feel its presence physically but virtually, it can have a great impact on you and is capable to repair your sleeping habits.

With the companion app, Sleepace, the sleep consulting monitor connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. You can view your sleep data on your smartphone, which is synced daily so that you can analyze it on day-to-day basis. You can also set scores to motivate yourself to get good sleep. The Sleepace app also provides you guidance and professional insights to improve your overall sleep schedule. It tries to give you some good and doable suggestions in the form of personalized daily reminders such as to have light lunch and not to take too much caffeine. The app is compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4.3 or higher.

Your sleeping data is stored in detailed weekly and monthly reports to help you determine the underlying causes of sleep disorders, if any. If despite the good lifestyle habits, you see a poor score, it is time to see a doctor about this. Additionally, the team has ensured integration for third-party health platforms like Google Health, iOS Health Kit and Microsoft Health. With this, the reports generated by RestOn can be used for medicinal purposes as well. Besides, the low scores are sure-shot indicators for a timely diagnosis.

The sleep score generated by the device can be shared on social media. The RestOn’s FamilyCloud option keeps you informed about family members’ sleep quality as well. The device has battery life of 30 days.

The team claims that its sensors can benchmark medical devices in terms of accuracy. Embedded inside the 2mm thin belt is a 2-feet long medical sensor that claims to surpass any sleep monitor available in the market. You remove the magnetic lid, place the sensor belt under the sheets and cover it back with the lid. The position of the wearable should be at the level of chest area for closer proximity and to measure heart rate as well as other vital stats.

Availability and Price of RestOn:

The RestOn was featured at CES 2015 and was on Indiegogo to raise funds. It is available in black and white color variants for $149 and ships internationally.

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