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Download Simcity Mod APK : For those gamers who love to play the city-building games, the SimCity is not a new name. The game was launched by EA games, and since its launch, several episodes have been launched and almost all of them were a great hit. So, if you are also in love with such games, or want to try your hands on a new type of mobile game, then the SimCity BuildIt would be a great game to try. Apart from the being designed from a great gaming company, the SimCity BuildIt is a perfect game that has all the features and things that encourages a gamer to play the game. However, the thing that makes the SimCity BuildIt better than the other similar games, is its gameplay and the graphics intensity. The game is based on simulation gaming that provides the more reality and fin during the gameplay. In all, if you are looking for a perfect city building game, then you should look no further than the SimCity BuildIt. You are going to love the experience of building your own city according to your preferences to make it a better place to live.

SimCity BuildIt: Features and Gameplay

The thing that makes the SimCity BuildIt, apart from the graphics, is the engaging gameplay. Although the gameplay is simple to understand, the gameplay gets intense and more entertaining with every passing level. Precisely, the game starts with 25,000 simoleons and you have 50 SimCash. Now it is up to you how you use this money and make the city a better place to live. Practically, the Commercial and industrial buildings produce items and money, whereas the residential zones require them in order to upgrade to a higher density.  Another factor of the well-developed city is the factories. These factories can be upgraded, but for that, you will have to demolish them completely when they are not of use and the city isn’t gaining any benefit from them. And after doing that, you can replace it with a new one.

Here are the top five features that make the SimCity BuildIt a great game for every gamer. Go through them, and then decide whether you should try this game, or not.

  1. The brilliantly laid-out user interface

The first thing that you will notice about the SimCity BuildIt is the easy UI and brilliantly laid out controls. You won’t find any issues regarding the controls and movability. In other words, the SimCity BuildIt provides you one of the best gaming experience in terms of controls and user interface.So, if you were after a game that has great UI and easy to master controls, then try your hands on SimCity BuildIt.

  1. You can earn cash during the gameplay, which makes it easier to buy new things to decorate the city.

By making the buildings and factories that make the city financially strong, you can earn the coins (SimCash) that will help you buy the essential facilities for the city. So, keep working smartly on the growth of the city and earn cash while doing so.

  1. Timely updates that make the game extremely addictive

Another brilliant thing about the game is the timely updates for the bug fixes and features that the gamers usually ask for. The timely updates provide the gamers a fresh feel and make the game even better with every update.

  1. Network play option that enables you to enjoy the game with your friends on social media

In case you love playing the games on the network with your friends, then the SimCity BuildIt will bea brilliant choice. You can recruit your friends as a team and assign them different tasks to make the things more manageable to you. This is very useful if you are looking for the spend a lot of time to build your dream city through the SimCity. So, try the multi-player option of the SimCity BuildIt and try a new world of network play.

  1. Extremely easy to master, and it will help you think strategically in real life too

The game may seem tough at first if you haven’t played such games before. However, once you get used to it, you will find it quite easy to master, and apart from being extremely fun to play, it will develop a sense of thinking strategically and plan carefully in the real life too. So, this game is a must have for all gamers who love to play games on their favorite devices.

What’s new in SimCity BuildIt APK?

Unlike the previous updates, the latest version of the SimCity BuildIt apk has numerous bug fixes and a few new features like the new maps and the city overview makes it one of the best SimCity BuildIt apk update till now.

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How to Download and Install SimCity Buildit APK

For those users who are on a limited internet plan, or having multiple Android devices, downloading the same game repeatedly can be a real pain. So, to avoid this condition, you can use the SimCity Buildit APK. In case you haven’t installed any app through the apk file till now on your Android device, then here are steps that you will need to follow to flawlessly install the SimCity BuildIt Apk on your smartphone

Step 1:Open the link to download the Simcity apk file on your device.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the file from the downloaded location. Give permissions, if needed.

Step 3:Click on Install to get the SimCity BuildIt installed on your Android Device

SimCity gameplay Screen shot


Final Verdict

In all, if you were planning to try your hands on a city building game for the first time, and are not sure about which game should you choose, then the SimCity BuildIt APK will be a great choice for you. The game has it all, and even if you haven’t tried any such game before, you will surely love the experience. And if you like the game, try installing through the SimCity BuildIt apk to gain access to every single feature of the game without actually paying for it. This is a perfect way to gain access to the unlocked levels and features.

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