Samsung Gear S3 Release Date Revealed: Know the Design, Specs, and Probable Price

Samsung is all set to launch yet another smartwatch, this time, the coveted Gear S3. The Korean-based tech giant released Gear S2 last September, and that is itself an amazing wonder device. But to stay in the rat race with their rivals in this high-tech age and to meet the never-ending consumerism, Samsung has come up with another diligent wearable for you to buy. The Samsung Gear S3 boasts of a new, high-end design with smart-bezel-packing and the fitness tracker is packed with advanced skills with multiple sensors which are fully compatible with both your Android and iOS smartphones. So, in this article, we have discussed on each and every aspect of this smartwatch, starting from the Samsung Gear S3 release date to its design, features, key specs and probable price.

Samsung Gear S3: Release Date

Samsung Gear S3 Launch Date

Samsung has unveiled the all-new Gear S3 at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, Germany on 31st August. Earlier, the tech conglomerate teased their fans with an image where they announced the Samsung Gear S3 release date, and that is 31st August, a day before the Samsung’s official press conference at the IFA 2016. The image featured a blue circle with a minute and hour hand, clearly replicating a watch dial. The watch shows the 6 o’clock mark, the time when the event officially kicked off in the evening. Below the watch face ‘Talk About 3’ was written in capitals which suggest the Samsung Gear S3 was going to be officially launched on 31st August 2016.

Samsung Gear S3: Design

Samsung Gear S3 has been codenamed as ‘Solis’, which means ‘Sun’ in Spanish. So if we go by the codename, one thing is sure the upcoming smartwatch will flaunt a round/circular display with a rotating bezel; same as its predecessor Gear S2.

Apart from that, various images that have been leaked on the internet, especially on Twitter, gave us the same impression that Samsung Gear S3 is going to sport a Rolex-like design, including a metal bracelet and fluted bezel. Although the authenticity of these images is questionable, various sources working in this project have also confirmed the wearable will come with a round display surrounded by a rotating bezel.

Moreover, it has also been speculated that the Samsung Gear S3 will sport a bigger display size than its previous iteration, Gear S2, which comes with a 1.2-inch display size, in order to make the touch interactions a bit easier for the users.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3: Sensors

The famous website for gadget related news, SamMobile has claimed that the Samsung Gear S3 will come packed with various sensors, including an altimeter to measure altitude, a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and a speedometer to measure velocity. Not only that, but the smartwatch will also feature a GPS to track locations.

The upcoming Samsung Gear S3 is built in such a style that it will continuously measure altitude and will show the result in real-time on the display. Not only that, the news is the wearable is capable of plotting the result on hour x altitude graph.

The barometer will similarly calculate the atmospheric pressure and will flaunt the hPA measurements as well as the weather information on the display.

If we talk about the speedometer, it will take a count of the current speed, will calculate the distance and time as well as calculate the average speed. The speedometer will function in association with the GPS.

Albeit, it is not sure whether all the variants of the Samsung Gear S3 will come with all these sensor options are not, one thing is for sure at least one model will include all these sensors.

Samsung Gear S3: Software

Unlike Samsung Gear S2, which runs on Android, the Gear S3 will run on the Tizen operating system and will also come with an updated interface to take the advantage of the same rotating bezel control system its predecessor offers to the users.

Samsung Gear S3: Variants

Samsung Gear S3 Specs

The Samsung Gear S3 has been released in two variants, Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic.

The Frontier version is built with rugged, hardened design, for the active-oriented users, and mainly aimed at the outdoor sports market. The model comes with an easy-to-use physical button in 2,4 and 10 indicating a more sport-optimised wearable useful for cycling, running or climbing. Not only that, the Samsung Gear S3 also includes built-in LTE mobile network connectivity and GPS, which allows the smartwatch working even when it’s not connected to a smartphone

On the other hand, the Gear S3 Classic is designed for a more iconic appearance, with a size and weight lighter than the Gear S3 Frontier. The Gear S3 Classic is more aimed to replicate the hand-crafted luxury watches.Both Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier is similar in specs like both include LTE support, 4GB internal memory, dual-core 1.0GHz processor, 380mAh battery and 768MG RAM.

Samsung Gear S3: Features

Both Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic are IP68 certified which means they are water resistant as well as dust resistant. Apart from that the smartwatch supports Samsung Pay and is protected by extra-tough Corning Gorilla Glass SR+. For the first time, any Samsung Gear model comes with this kind of protection.

On the display aspect, Samsung Gear S3 flaunts a 1.3-inch circular Super AMOLED display with 360 x 360 pixels resolution and 278ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density. The smartwatch also features the ‘Always on display’ mode so that the users can check the time by a quick glance at the watch, just like the classic timepieces. This is a unique feature incorporated by Samsung in their smartwatches. For most of the smartwatches, the user has to wait for the screen to turn on to check the time.

Moreover, Samsung Gear S3 comes with an SOS mode which allows users to activate location tracking to alert emergency services, friends and family, without the help of their smartphone, if they encounter any troubled situation.

The battery has always been a USP for the Samsung Gear wearables and Gear S3 is no exception. Where most of the smartwatches hardly give two days of battery backup, the 380mAh battery of the Gear S3 easily gives 4 days of battery backup. Also, the wearable runs on company’s Tizen operating system aka Tizen-Based Wearable Platform 2.3.2.

Samsung has also added the GPS and a barometric altimeter in the Gear S3, which means the user will be now able to take this smartwatch for a run,measure the distance, measure the altitude  and listen to music too.

Samsung Gear S3: Price

The current smartwatch of the Korean company, Gear S2 comes with a price tag of £249 for the standard model and £299 for the ‘Classic’ version. The entry level 38mm Apple Watch costs £259, and the 42mm variant is priced at £299. So to parry with the rivals, the basic model of the Samsung Gear S3 is  priced at US$250 (about £189, AU$330). The price will go higher with higher models.

So folks, hopefully, this one-stop article on Samsung Gear S3 has been able to provide all the necessary information about the upcoming wearable. As 31st August has been chosen as the Gear S3 Release Date, start marking your calendars and saving money, you can’t simply miss out this wonder device.

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