Runner Alert: Sensoria Smart Socks Go on Sale in the U.S.

After Xiaomi smart shoes and Hexoskin smart clothing, it is the turn of a pair of socks to get high on wearable tech. Sensoria smart socks are designed for professional and amateur runners. The best part is the Sensoria connected socks bridges the gap between performance and the right form for running.

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It has been observed that problems like knee pain, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis often plague runners.  As per a record, over 65% runners get injured every year due to the wrong running technique.  So, if at one point this pair of socks tells you that you have been inert for quite some time now, at the other hand it will also gently poke you to correct your running posture. It tells you how you run but also lets you know how well you should do it.  In case you fall while running, the Sensoria connected sports socks will immediately alert your preset contacts.

The wearable connected socks from Sensoria help the runners with foot landing technique, to let them know whether they are landing on the ball of the foot or putting pressure on the heel. The feedback is generated real-time and you can view the data or foot heat-map as it is called, on Sensoria Fitness mobile app. The app is compatible with iOS 6+ and Android 4.3+.   The socks can work as a standalone model as the data can be synced later when you are at home and within the network coverage. Additionally, you can share the information and goals with like-minded and ‘connected’ people with smart socks. The socks are washable and comfortable.

When you run, pace has to be increased gradually. A sudden increase in pace can result in quick burnout and excessive pressure on knee and hip joints.  The Sensoria smart and connected socks count steps taken and logs in real-time cadence monitoring. Use cadence metronome feature to record your steps and get voice feedback from Sensoria Virtual Coach. The voice coach streams your running form and provides you feedback in audio and video format.

How Sensoria Smart Socks Work?

Sensoria Smart Socks

You need to connect the Sensoria socks with Sensoria Fitness mobile app over Bluetooth anklet. The anklet is lightweight (less than 1 ounce) and adjustable. It is basically a one-size-fits-all electronic circuit that is available in four colors, white, black, pink and light blue.

To avoid running-related injury, the socks are integrated with proprietary e- textile sensors at the bottom. These sensors gauge the foot pressure. The conductive fibers transmit the data from sensors to the anklet, which in turn relays it to the app dashboard on your smartphone. The magnetic touch base on your sock helps the anklet to connect and activate the sensor. The anklet battery is designed for an active usage of up to 6 hours. It also integrates 3-axis accelerometer for precise data monitoring.

With Sensoria socks, running becomes performance-oriented and pain free. You get to understand when is the right time to increase pace and move on to the next level.

Availability and Sensoria Smart Socks Price

You can buy Sensoria smart socks online on the official website for $ 199. The estimated shipping time is 4 to 6 weeks.

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