Review of VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Vtech Kidizoom is not just smartwatch, it is a mini smartphone. Kidizoom features is very useful to fulfill your daily needs. This smartwatch is for the kids upto 5 to 10 years.

Review of VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

Kidizoom will not only enhance your appearance but also let you stand apart from others. This will make your children up-to-date.

While parents will also be encouraged to see their children activities and can also track their children’s location where their kids are currently.

I am amazed to see various features in one watch with a great look as well. The watch face boast features a 1.4-inch colour display with 128 X 128 screen resolution and it is touchscreen. The camera is placed at the top of the watch face, snaps 640 X 480 resolution photos and records either 320X240 or 160X120 video at 15 frames per second. Users can download those photos and videoes to PC or Mac. The Home Button is placed at the left side of the display whereas the Camera button at the right side along with the mini USB 2.0 port. With this USB port and the USB cable comes bundle in with the device, you can charge the smartwatch by plugging it into your PC. The Kidizoom smartwatch comes packed with 128MB internal storage which can store almost 800 photos. Before the first use, you need to charge the smartwatch’s inbuilt rechargable for at least three hours. So take a look the pros and the cons of the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch in a nutshell.

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Kidizoom is the multi-function watch so take your look one by one at its features. See below:

  • You can record videos along with five voice changing effects and photos can be taken easily.
  • You can also create the photo effect, frames and filters.
  • This watch let your kids learn about checking the time with the help of digital and analog displays. You have also an additional option of choosing 50 clock face design.
  • It has a timer and alarm with the various animations.
  • The watch includes a voice recorder (with five voice-changing effects) and a stopwatch
  • You can download games from Learning Lodge as it has four games which is available to educate your kids.
  • Micro USB cable is also present in this watch to upload videos, photos and you can easily recharge the battery.
  • It has a rechargeable battery so there is no replacements and has a durable design.
  • Kids are very careless so Kidizoom is made of a rubbery plastic material and is designed in such a way that it can take all the bumps and dumps of childhood. The smartwatch is also splash proof and sweat proof.

As you can see I have explained above about its features and its features is its pros.

Kidizoom is not only a watch instead it is more than just a watch. Kids will be happily going to love it and surely they are eagerly waiting to wear on their hand as their wristband.

The features Kidizoom carries will arrest the attention of parents for their kids to solve their purpose also.

Everything has its cons also so I want your look on its drawback. Check below:

  • Kidizoom has not much strength to store videos and photos. You will have to take help of your PC to upload videos.
  • If your watch is turned off somehow then you need to reset the time again when turned on.

This can be source of irritation for the users.

Parents, if you have no time then you can place the order online for this beautiful set at @ $59.99 $54.00.

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