Put the best foot forward with Lechal smart shoes

India-based company, Ducere Technologies has created smartshoes that can tell you which way to go. Dubbed as Lechal, the shoes are meant to help the visually impaired people to find their way. While the walking cane can just support them to walk, smart and connected shoes let them walk with practical and accurate help. In colloquial language, Lechal means ‘take me along.’

Lechal smart shoes

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Though, the horizon of smartshoes isn’t just limited to people with special abilities. Tourists, runners and cyclists can use these shoes to find their way and not relying on the smartphone’s GPS to check maps. Apart from navigation, the runners can also monitor their fitness regimen by keeping a track of steps taken and distance covered.

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Lechal connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone that has Internet connection. The shoes have different vibration mechanism to show you the way around. While it is India’s wearable entry after GOQii, the Lechal shoes also take credit of being world’s first interactive haptic feedback shoes.

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The Lechal shoes are available in Ferrari-red color and users also have the option to purchase insole with haptic feedback that can be inserted into any pair of shoes to transform it into smart shoes. The shoes are comfortable and look more like sneakers. The vibrations are also said to be gentle.

The pre-orders are on for the shoes as well as insoles. The pricing information and delivery information will be mailed when the product is ready to ship.

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