Prana: Breathing Life into our Desk-Bound Existence

The year 2014 saw the crop of fitness devices from the likes of Fitbit and Jawbones that tracked your steps, calories burnt, heart rate and sleep pattern but honestly, tell me one thing how many of you actually have the time to go on a walk or jog? When I return from work, I sleep like a log, most of the time even forgetting to activate the sleep mode of the device. Even at office, I can be found slouching on the desk punching endless hours to get the work done or make the ends meet. I am sure this would be the case with many others too. In this endless chase, we forget that the slouching has adverse effect on our back and how this stress can ruin the quality of our life. But not anymore as probably the launch of Prana will set the course right for all of us.


Taken from Sanskrit / Vedic word, ‘prana’ that means life force or breath, Prana combines two poles-apart technology to track posture and breathing pattern. With this, lungs are the next to join the list of “connected “organs. Prana is probably the-first-of-its-kind wearable that combines posture tracking and breathing domain to reduce the stress levels and increase life quality.

Based on the fact that most of us only perform chest breathing and not the preferred diaphragmatic breathing that fills the lungs with air to full capacity, Prana trains us for the latter. If we start practicing diaphragmatic breathing, the air won’t be limited to just the upper lobes and we will be breathing to our full capacity, resulting in the maximum of Oxygen entering into our body and increased vigour. This is not mere hypothesis and is one of the principles on which the ancient science, Yoga is based. Number of factors contributes to diaphragmatic breathing and one of them is right posture.

Features of Prana

Features of Prana

This disk-shaped wearable can be clipped to the wristband or waistband and can be connected via iOS Prana app or Android Prana app that generates beautiful insights and data on posture improvement as well as breathing pattern. Its 3-axis accelerometer tracks breathing and body postures. It also features clinical or gamified settings for the respective app to engage users on an interactive level. Users can choose between either of the settings based on their preference. The pre-loaded algorithms and training tools from across the world consist of breathing exercises guide as well as help users to track their progress, evaluate their breathing pattern and improve their postures. The breathing exercises come from Yoga, Tai Chi and Buteyko. The device also features Bluetooth and has rechargeable battery. Along with this, it also tracks the number of steps taken.

The library of training tools can detect up to 10 posture and breath statistics. The training function in gamified setting is more fun and keeps the users engaged as they learn breathing pattern via entertaining games.

The game is more like ‘flappy bird’ that consists of a bird flying in the garden and showcases your breathing pattern.


At 1.25 x 0.25 inches, Prana is discreet and can be sported on a wrist band or waist band. Users can also clip it to their clothes. The battery is rechargeable and is said to last about 7 –days on a single charge.

Release and Price of Prana

As per the official website, the posture and breath pattern analyser, Prana will be available for $150 and will start shipping by next year 2015 in January. The makers are taking the pre-orders for the device.

What is it based on?

Dependant on your breathing and slouching, Prana’s 3-axis accelerometer alerts you about your breathing pattern and aware you of your slouching, which is bad for your body structure, of course.

Based on Yoga and medical sciences, Prana is touted as one of the most advanced breath and posture tracker. Yoga has related and interlinked good posture and breathing. According to it, good breathing results in better focus and stress prevention. Similarly, good posture can lead to lesser back pain and stronger backbone.

How does it work?

In active mode, the breathing pattern can be tracked and applied to receive guidance as well as get aid on better posture being applied to better sleep, more energy flow and lower BP whereas passive mode is limited to occasional push alert for bad posture and shallow breathing. In the passive mode, the entire tracking goes in background phase. It has been observed that during stress the natural diaphragm breathing is ceased and we start breathing from belly or chest. The device will push alert you via smartphone app or mild vibration.

For people bound with desk job or leading sedentary lifestyle, Prana could be the way to go. Prana can remind many of you of Lumo Lift that rectifies body postures but in most of aspects, Lumo is not comprehensive and good enough as Prana. Without pushing you to let go of the boundaries to get into active mode, it tries to rectify your existing lifestyle. Do not you think that Prana should have been introduced to us much earlier because our entire lives depend on breathing, is not it?


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