Pocket tanks apk: A Great time killer for your Android Device

Pocket tanks is a brilliant game that has all the abilities to keep you engaged for hours. The game has all the things that are needed to make a game better and different from the other games of the same genre. Whether it is about the gameplay or the controls, you are surely going to love the Pocket Tanks. So, if you were looking for a game that can be played in your spare time, and that can easily entertain you for long hours, then the Pocket Tanks is the game you should look for. The latest version of the game has new weapons, new backgrounds and numerous performance improvements to make itone of the most entertaining games of the genre.

Pocket Tanks: Gameplay and Features

The first thing to notice about the gameplay is gameplay. And although the gameplay is kept simple, you can easily spend hours playing it. The game starts by selecting the weapons. Choose from a number of weapons that are available to you. Choose a weapon, one by one until all the distributed equally to you and the opponent.  The main task of the game is to knock down the opponent by aiming the weapons to him.

Just aim and angle your weapon right, and with the right amount of power, you can easily knock the opponent down. You have to knock down the opponent before he can knock you down. So, aim carefully and choose your weapons wisely. You can move your tank to get more control. So, try your hands on this amazing aiming game, and spend hours to avail these amazing features that are hard to find in a game of this genre.

Awesome gameplay

The gameplay of the Pocket tanks is an awesome reason why you should opt for this game. The gameplay has kept simple yet entertaining that makes it a better choice for the gamers who love to play simple games with a high-level of entertainment index. So, if you were looking to have a game on a smartphone that is simple and provides you with the ultimate fun, then the pocket tanks has the ability to do this. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed.

Simple and easy to use controls

Another brilliant thing about the Pocket Tanks is simple and easy to operate controls. You can use the Move button to move your tank, and all the other buttons have clear labels so that you literally can’t get confused about the controls. In fact, the game has the simplest controls we have come across in the past few years. So, for those gamers who are looking to have a game that has simplest and the clear set of controls, the Pocket Tanks would be a great choice.

Great graphics

Another thing that makes it a different game than the other titles in the same genres is the graphics. The overall graphics have been kept simple,and this improves the overall performance of the game. Although the graphics are not top-notch, but for this category of games and the targeted gamers, this game provides a good quality graphics that do not interfere with the gameplay, nor slows down the game or the introduces the lag in the low-powered Android devices.

Apart from these features, there are plenty more that make the Pocket Tanks a must try game for all the gamers who love having the entertainment and fun on their favorite Android devices. The latest version of the game has made it even more entertaining by introducing numerous additions like new weapons and performance fluidity.

What’s new in the latest Pocket Tanks apk

You can download the latest Pocket Tanks Apk from the above-mentioned link and start enjoying the latest and the best version of the game to date. If you have played the game before, then here are the differences you are going to notice while playing this version of the game.

  • Bug Fixes and multiplayer issues
  • Performance improvements
  • New weapons
  • New background

Along with these, several under the hood improvements were done by the developers that make the game even more fluid and entertaining to play. So, if you were planning to try hands on a game that has all the features that constitute an ideal mobile game, then try the Pocket Tanks and you won’t be disappointed.

Pocket Tanks apk: File Information

File Size: 29 MB


Developers:BlitWise Productions, LLC

How to Install Pocket Tanks through the apk file

If you have recently switched to the Android platform, or do not know about installing an app through the apk file, then you would find it tough to deal with. So, here are the steps that you need to follow to install the Pocket Tanks on your Android device by clicking on the link above. Go through them, and save some data that you would waste on downloading the game repeatedly.

Step1: Open your mobile web browser and click on the link above. This will start the downloading of the apk file on your smartphone.

Step 2:Once downloaded, navigate to the downloaded location, and click on the apk file start the installation. If you are asked to send to give the necessary permissions and confirmation, then provide it so that the installation can be started.

Step 3:Wait for the installation to get completed and then you can enjoy this amazing game on your favorite Android device.


In all, the Pocket Tanks is one of the most entertaining games of this genre. And if you are looking forward to try your hands on a game that has enough juice to be a great game for the different kinds of gamers. The Pocket Tanks is a great game and you should download the game from above link, and if you like to have the game on another device, then just simply copy the apk file on the preferred device and follow the same installation process to get the game on other devices.

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