Pocket-friendly Razer Nabu X hits the online store for $49.99

Razer announced about its second attempt on fitness tracking at CES 2015 and surprise, Nabu X is out on sale too. Inheriting a lot from its elder sibling, Nabu, it very much resembles the previous fitness band but is without a screen and yes, a little smaller. Given its affordability, the screen-less face and smaller size do not come as a surprise too.

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Instead of screen, it has three customizable LEDs assembled in a line and these notify you of different alerts. The Nabu X offers vibration for smartphone notifications. The band has a detachable sensor module for tracking which keeps a track on number of steps taken, distance covered and duration of your sleep. In short, it does almost all the work that your $200-$300 fitness tracker is doing for you (I know, it hurts). Since it is smaller and has no screen, its lithium-polymer battery lasts about 5 to 7 days (Ouch, again). The entire tracking is powered by accelerometer and Nabu X’s algorithms. You can choose any fitness app to see the data recorded by the Razer device. It is also water-resistant up to 1 meter. The detached sensor module can be interchanged with straps. Currently, three color options are available for you namely, green, black and white. The strap remains similar and possesses the soft rubber feel as the previous version. Though, one-size-for-all strap can be irksome for many, especially for people who have smaller wrists.

According to the U.S. Company, expect for the screen and size, there is no difference between Nabu and Nabu X. However, one can tell that the design is inspired from Jawbone UP24 and the clasp has taken some cues from Fitbit. It also has a striking resemblance from Sony’s SmartBand, for its back-to-basics appearance. If you want a no-fuss and minimal wrist-based interference to your exercise regime, it might do the trick for you.

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Another ace up in the sleeve of Razer Nabu X is Pulse, which is NFC tech and makes Nabu a social wearable. You can compete, share and compare data with your friends. You can also exchange contacts, interact with your friends or share Facebook / Twitter information with a High-Five feature. Nabu X supports band to band communication and lets you talk to people who are nearby and wearing Nabu or Nabu X. Like Nabu, it also has gesture recognition feature which means that you can shake your hand or turn your wrist if you do not want to take a call or dismiss it. Since Razer is a gaming company to start with, it has something going on for gamers too. The gamers can High Five with each other and can build their own community based on Nabu X.

The best part is that not only the design flow but also the app platform is shared by both Razer Nabu and Nabu X. Both are open-source platform, so we can expect to see a flurry of Nabu apps in the near future.

Nabu X is compatible with iPhone 5 and higher models. Android 4.3 and above are also supported. It uses Bluetooth LE for pairing. To manage notifications, band customizations and apps, you need to head to Nabu X Utility app whereas Nabu Fitness app is to track and analyse fitness activities.

Release and Price of Razer Nabu X

In other words, Razer Nabu X has taken the wearable segment to price war like the way Android phones did. Offered at just $49.99, you can get one for yourself at Razer online store. For its loyal backers and U.S. based registered Razer Insider community members it is available for just $20. Nabu X will be available to the other part of world by spring.

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Razer is playing it right and safe. A wide section of fitness enthusiasts was waiting for just the right device to come by. A device that is packed with a host of premium fitness features and is not too costly. So, are you game for this budget fitness tracker?


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