Pebble Time Steel is the stylish and premium avatar of Pebble Time

We told you how Pebble chose to stick around Kickstarter for its premium stainless steel color watch, Pebble Time and surpassed the fundraising targets in two days. At MWC-2015, the company introduced the newer version of this second-generation watch. It is entirely crafted of metal, from bezels to straps and buttons; everything is made of premium stainless steel and aptly named, Pebble Time Steel.  In fact, it can easily be titled as the most stylish and substantial smartwatch coming from the house of this Palo Alto Company.


Available in different finish of gold, silver and black, it is about the same size and width as the previous version but 1mm thicker.  The thickness is to contain the battery which is expected to last over 10 days than compared to the 7 days of previous version of Pebble Time. The new Pebble Time will be shipped with leather band and stainless steel strap. Thanks to the quick trigger mechanism, the straps can be interchanged easily at home.  It is sturdy and the strap is made of metal links which don’t pull the arm hair.

Pebble Time colors

The same hardware port also finds a place in the newer Pebble Time, which lets the developers create smartstraps and watch faces for the watch. This will help the company to make Pebble Time stay relevant and functional for a larger user base.  According to the CEO Eric Migicovsky, the straps could differ in functionality and be anything from being GPS straps to heart rate monitor and battery strap to enhance the battery life up to three to four weeks.  The modular straps will take place of sensors that are anyways closing towards their extinction in the coming years.  The company instead of creating everything on its own, has provided the developers with the platform and let them figure it on their own.

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While the Kickstarter campaign helped the company to create right noise, it also brought the right developer community onboard to develop and extend the scope of Pebble Time.  As of now, the developers are creating different straps already and most likely, we will be seeing them in December.  If you have already backed the Pebble Time project on Kickstarter, you can upgrade to the newer version of all-steel and still retain the sweet spot by offering the rest of amount.

Shipping and Price of Pebble Time Steel

The Kickstarter price for the Pebble Time Steel is only $250. It will be shipped with the leather and steel straps.  The retail cost of the smartwatch will be however $299 and the estimated shipping will start in July instead of May.

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While Apple Watch has come out in the daylight and showed all the cards at the final showdown yesterday, the comparisons are bound to happen. Especially, when both OEMs enjoy enviable reputation in their own niche.  Pebble and Apple both cater to the different set of audience. If you are an Android phone user and consider price as the deal breaker or deal maker, then Pebble Time Steel is for you. However, Apple Watch is luxury all over.  The Apple Pay is an ace up its sleeve.  So, it is like choosing between two different sports altogether, like rugby and cricket.

Update: Pebble Time Smartwatch Available for Preorder

If you have missed the Kickstarter wagon to back Pebble Time smartwatch, here arrives your moment. The smartwatch is available for pre-order for $200 here and here in all three color variants namely red, white and black.

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