Oomi Smart Home: No Smartphone Control and Internet Connectivity Needed

Oomi is the new age, tap-and-touch way to the digital smart home. Oomi’s smart home automation isn’t dependent of your smartphone and internet connection. The first part in the smart journey of connected home is Oomi Touch, which gives you a glass panel with capacitive display and tactile buttons to control the entertainment. Everything within a few pushes and at your beck and call, literally!

Oomi Smart Home

The capacitive display can be customized to access touch points which matter most.  The physical tactile buttons can be used to control the music player or television. Precisely, it can replace all the remotes you have been juggling with.

The Oomi Cube is almost plug-n-play. Almost, because it will still need some customization to mould in accordance with your preference though even then, it takes just 5 minutes of your time to set up.  It is the ‘hub’ that packs in a night vision camera and 8 sensors.  The environment sensors allow it to adjust in accordance with your lifestyle. As it knows you better and better, it remodels its life according you. Based on your life, it gives you recommendation and tells you how you can use it for better.  For instance, as the room gets darker, the lights turn on automatically or you can command it to play music as you enter into the house.

Oomi Smart Home1

With Oomi Cube, you get a whole army of connected devices. Oomi Bulb is capable to change the color of the light to pre-set themes. You can set the bulb to one of the themes and watch your day unfolding to the gradual sunrise or warm sunset.

Oomi Plug-cum-USB port can change any outlet into smart outlet and you can use it to control the connected appliance wirelessly or to monitor the energy consumption.

The range of Oomi connected accessories also includes Oomi MultiSensor that detects the motion, light, temperature, UV rays, humidity and vibration taking place inside the home. If it detects something unusual, it notifies you.  Similarly, the Door and Window sensor enhances your security by keeping a track of the time of opening and closing time of doors.


Besides these, two special accessories are on the offer, Oomi Streamer and Oomi Air. Streamer streams the HD media from the Internet to TV whereas Oomi Air monitors the air quality. The best part of Oomi smart automated home is that it is entirely independent of internet to perform its functions.

What the Oomi smart automated home can do:


  • It can copy the lighting patterns of your house which can come in handy if you are away and need the house to look occupied to keep the robbers at bay.
  • Its sensors can detect motion and even glass breaking. It notifies of such unusual movements that take place in your absence.
  • You can call Oomi home system to stay connected with your loved ones and be notified when they leave and visit.
  • It also monitors energy consumption.

Oomi Phone App:

Oomi connects via a phone app that is compatible with both iPhone and Android app.  The app lets you control and monitor the connected devices, regardless of the time and location. With 128-bit encryption, the data on your device and cloud stay secure.

Availability and Price of Oomi Smart Automated Home Solution:

The Oomi smart home hub will be available worldwide and its shipping starts in October.  Oomi appeared on Indiegogo for funding and you can back it here.

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