Nike+ SportWatch Review

Good news for the athletes!! They have an updated, better and attractive option to keep a track on their workout regime. Nike has introduced the Nike+ SportWatch GPS which though a bit expensive, but comes with awesome features that is perfectly suitable for the athletes. Nike made an announcement about introducing this hi-tech sport watch way back in CES 2011, and at last we got to see it this smart watch this year which is being built to collect detailed accounts of important data like running speed, distance, direction and other information. Thereby, it comes with a hefty price tag of $199.

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Nike+ SportWatch Review

Beauty with Brain

Most of the fitness watches available in the market have great application without much style. The USP of Nike+ SportWatch is that it a unique combination of style along with applicability which makes it a perfectly example of beauty with brains. The black and neon green straps of this watch along with the stylish neon green buttons on the left side of the watch make it appear really trendy. Though it might appear to be huge when you see it, but once it settles down cozily on your wrist, you would feel really comfortable. The inner surface of the watch is really smooth so there would be no itching or pinching sensation on your skin.

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Easy to Use

If you are not using the watch, the dial of the watch will display the time in bold. Just before going out for your regular run, press the lower green button on the left side of the watch and scroll to select the run option. Then turn on the sensors i.e. GPS, heart rate or footpod. The Nike shoe pod sensor will also sync with the software of the watch. This sensor comes along with the watch and though it is recommended to be used along with Nike shoes, but you can use it along with other sports shoes brand as well. Users will also have the option of not using Nike+ pod as it is basically act as a backup for the watch’s GPS. First time users have to select the sensors and sync it with the watch. A couple of minutes will be required for connecting the device with the gadget, once done they can start their workout. One thing that must be noted here is that, this watch takes a longer time to connect with satellite in comparison to other phones. The watch is going to take note of the distance run, heart rate, calories lost, elapsed time and every other minute detail while in use. There is also option for fixing the time or distance for each lap. While testing the watch, it was found that Nike needs to work on this particular feature. It is extremely sensitive. However, this is a trivial problem which we are sure Nike will soon resolve. Once done, click on the end button and it will provide users with a detailed account along with important updates such as whether the users had created a new record or not.

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Smart Update and Powering

The strap of the phone comes with USB ports which can be used for charging the gadget as well as transferring data to other gadgets. When the computer is connected to internet, then data will get automatically updated in the website. So the users can get the up to date work out summary and evaluate their performance on the basis of the data. Some of the interesting features present on this website are users can set goals and create their own customized training regime and post about their latest achievements on social media sites, directly from this website.

How Accurate are the Results?

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Nike+ SportWatch gives almost accurate results. Data recorded in this watch has been compared with other standard sport watch and the results were more or less same, thus ensuring the authenticity of the data recorded. Some users where facing problem with the GPS tracking device of the phone. However, after turning off GPS, they turned it on again and it started working normally.

Another fact that has been noticed in some cases is that, sometime the GPS data does not start working promptly. It starts to recognize the person after a short distance from the original starting position. But this was not a regular occurrence.

One annoying fact about this watch is that, for the first time, the time of the watch had to set by connecting it with PC. It would have been great if we could have set the time in the sports watch itself.

Moreover, Nike+ SportWatch lacks some of the advanced features that are present in other watches like “virtual partner” present in Garmin Forerunner 405. But we are pretty sure that such updates would be updated later on.

Nike+ SportWatch comes along with impressive battery which would last for 5 days after full recharge. The manufacturers are of the opinion that the watch will take minimum of two hours for getting fully recharged and will support 9 hours of run time.

This watch can be only used for recording the running speed. It does not support multisport use as is present in some of other sport watches. But a good feature of this watch is that it is absolutely waterproof, so you can use it while swimming. There are some useful customization options that are very useful for all users. All the customization can be done with the help of Nike+ software. First is the profile customization through which the user can feed their height and weight. Secondly, users can customize time and date either according to a time zone or according to the time zone of their PC. Then the display configuration, with the help of which users can change sound, set reminders and other such functions. Lastly, the page through which the users can configure the laps.

Thus we can see that the Nike+ SportWatch comes with a number of positive and negative aspects. Users have to see whether it fulfills all their needs and then go for it. The after sale service of Nike is really commendable, so if you want to make a safe purchase, then Nike+ SportWatch is definitely your thing.

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