Nike+ FuelBand SE Review and Detail Features

Staying trim, slim and fit is everybody’s dream, but in reality most of us lose fervor after a few days of constant trying. When we realize that we are not giving enough attention to our health and leading an almost deskbound life, we immediately join yoga or jumba or kick boxing classes, to shed off the excess calories by becoming active. However, in almost 80 out of 100 cases we tend to lose interest or due to work pressure we leave such regime after a few months. So the question that keeps coming back in my mind is isn’t there a more stable way to stay healthy and fit. Well, thanks to the innovations brought in the field of technology, a more stable way to deal with problem has been discovered.

Nike Plus FuelBand review

A range of smartwatches has been introduced in the market lately that will help 80% of people like us to stay healthy and fit. One such ace fitness watch that is doing great in the market is Nike Plus FuelBand. The second generation of the Nike plus was launched recently, which keeps a track on your daily activity and supplies you with the necessary information instantaneously.

The second generation Nike+ FuelBand watch looks similar to its predecessor, but it is definitely very attractive as it comes in a range of bold neon colors. This watch keeps a record of all the activities that we do regularly and measure it in a unique unit called ‘fuel’. The fuelband has an accelerometer which tracks all the activities of the users and converts it into a unit called fuel. Therefore, irrespective of the activity that an individual is involved in, all motion is converted into Fuel score and can be compared easily.

Design of Nike+ FuelBand SE:

nike+ fuelband

The Nike+ FuelBand looks similar to its predecessor but certain innovations has been introduced in its design like the new range comes with a bright neon highlighted inlays that makes it really attractive. It has a rubbery flexible plastic band that ends in a locking buckle. A USB port is embedded within the buckle to charge the gadget and for syncing data. The band of the watch is thin but has width. The hard metal buckle might cause irritation on your skin, specially if you are resting the hand on a desk. This gadget comes in three different sizes to suit with the wrist size of the wearer. The LED dot display on the front shows time and your activity, and whenever you hit a benchmark record, it notifies the user about that to cheer them up. The display comes with a light sensor which can detect light of the environment and adjust brightness automatically. I must say that the design of this watch is very interesting; the bangle style along with the bright colors looks really nice. The band is only resistant to water so if you are out with it on a rainy day, it would not get affected.

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Features of Nike+ FuelBand SE

When you are using the watch for the first time, you need to set up the gadget using your PC. While doing the initial setup, your PC must be connected to the internet. Once done then it will be ready to record all your activities and record it in terms of calories. One unique feature of this gadget is that it can record different kinds of activities like jogging, cycling, cycling and others. All you need to do is press the button on the gadget to select the kind of activity, and then press on the start button to start recording. Later on, when you are going to upload the data on the Nike+ account, then you will have the option to tag it. This feature will help you to compare calorie burnt in different kinds of activity. This feature is definitely new, however there are even far more advanced firmware in the market like the Basis watch. This watch can automatically detect different kinds of activities like cycling, running etc and shows it on the display of the watch.

There is a strip of lights on the band of the FuelBand which keeps on illuminating according to the activity level of the individual. Therefore, on days you are very active all the lights from orange to green will light up, and there will be a congratulation message on the display panel of the watch.

The FuelBand App

If you have synced the Nike+ app along with your PC, then syncing of data and sharing of data takes place through the website. With the help of this website, users can upload data, tag different kinds of activities that they are involved in, compare and keep a check on your progress report.

Moreover, there is also a FuelBand app which can be used in both Android and iOS platform. Data can be transferred in the FuelBand app using Bluetooth 4.0. However, the Nike+ FuelBand app is not compatible with Windows mobile platform right at this point of time. But we expect an update any time soon. The data from the gadget to the phone gets automatically updated when Bluetooth of both the gadget is switched on. Another interesting features present in the FuelBand app is that users can click photos of different kinds of activities in which they are engaged and share them in Nike+ social networks as well as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, in the Nike+ app users can create group with up to 150 members, where they can share their data to create a healthy competitive ambiance. Any achievement can be shared with the other just by a click.

My Opinion

The FuelBand comes at a price of £129 which is quite acceptable if we see the kind of interesting features that this gadget supports. The users can keep a count of the calories lost while doing a range of activities and even compete with their friends. Nike+ FuelBand is also very attractive. The matte black and neon combination makes it appear really chic. This gadget is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. Many issues have been resolved and its accuracy has also enhanced. It is a great option for fitness freaks, but if you are sports is your profession rather than hobby, then you should look for enhanced alternatives available in the market.

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