The Next-Gen Zensorium ‘Being’ is a Mood-Tracker, Available for Pre-Order at CES-2015

The world of fitness-focused wearable tech evolves with the latest swish entrant, Zensorium Being. Taking a break from the number of steps covered, calories burnt and heart rate monitored, the Singaporean company brings you the ‘Being’ to detect your mood.

The Next-Gen Zensorium ‘Being’ is a Mood-Tracker, Available for Pre-Order at CES-2015

The prototype of the Being was showcased at the CES, 2015 here in Las Vegas and is compatible with iOS as well as Android via an app. It can tell your mood in four states, Calm, Normal, Excited and Distress via your smartphone. It can also tell you about your mood at a particular time by using heart rate and PP (Pulse Pressure) as the base. It is just not a mood tracker but also does the usual job of monitoring sleep pattern (REM and NREM sleep), calories consumption and distance covered. The built-in accelerometer tracks speed for you. It is to be noted that Zensorium is the pioneer of innovative sensing technology and maker of TINKÉ. The makers claim that the Being is the result of research and consultation with psychologists and neuroscientists.

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Mood is a tricky emotion and for people, who experience severe mood swings or are victim to psychological disorder due to this, can avail huge benefits from this mood ring. Otherwise also, most of us have a habit to do binge-eating when slightly depressed or in bad mood. Some of us tend to oversleep or do excessive shopping in distress. At times, we cannot decide what is the real stress buster for us, music or meditation? All these emotions and moods trigger various behavioral disorders that can be curbed if timely detected.  Women who go through terrible mood swings during PMS can benefit from it a lot by analyzing their mood pattern.

The Next-Gen Zensorium ‘Being’ is a Mood-Tracker, Available for Pre-Order at CES-2015-1

The Being can be clipped on clothes or worn on the wrist. Since it is a bio-sensor, you need to keep it in touch with the skin. It has an OLED display and capacitive touchscreen with colored dots. The dots are an indication of mood. The blue represents anxiety and yellow excitement or positive stress. Red is distress and green is calm. You can see the dotted signs to get an indication about your mood and try to keep your emotions in check when it shows some alarming signals.  To get the right metrics, you need to wear it closer to your skin, for at least 72 hours. The more you wear it, the more it will be able to track the accurate data for you. If the ‘Being’ detects you in bad mood for a prolonged period, it will also suggest you to practice deep breathing and go easy on the stress. The screen somehow looks a bit of drag and is low-res. But all in all, it can save you from becoming a victim to your mood swing so, ten-on-ten for the concept, indeed.

The data regarding the sleep pattern, mood and activity can also be archived on the paired Apple or Android device. The battery life is about three to four days.

Being is available on pre-order for $169 on the official website and will be shipped by April. It will hit the shelves in March and will be priced at $199. The pre-orders can be made at Zensorium booth at CES, Las Vegas too.

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