Neptune Suite shows how futuristic computing might be like

People have slammed smartwatches for not being able to use as seamless as the makers advertise. By the end, it becomes one more accessory to take care of and use. Well, not anymore as Neptune Suite is here. It is a computing hub that comprises a smartwatch, TV dongle, wireless headset, tablet, phone and keyboard. While it is strapped to your wrist as a smartwatch, a part of it is working as a tablet or moonlighting as a TV. And yes, it promises you to provide a smooth and all-synced in experience.

Neptune Suite

Neptune Suite consists of Neptune Hub, Pocket Screen, Tab Screen, Neptune Headset, Neptune Dongle, Neptune Keys and Tab & Keys.

The Components

The Neptune Hub is powered by a Quad-Core processor and has in-built support for WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and 3G/LTE. The pocket screen is 5-inch capacitive touchscreen that is actually an interface for the hub and works as a smartphone. It ‘catches’ the data from your smartwatch with just a touch. It also sports camera on front and rear panel.

The Tab Screen is a 10” tablet with a front camera. The wireless keyboard that can be paired with both dongle and Tab Screen is dubbed as Neptune Keys. Insert the Tab Screen on to the Neptune Keys to transform the former into a laptop. The HDMI dongle, Neptune Dongle can turn any monitor into a Neptune Hub for a more integrated entertainment experience. Neptune Headset is a wireless pair of headphones that alternatively can be used as a necklace. The two earbuds are magnetic and snap together to form neck jewelry.

Neptune Hub Sizes

Neptune Hub will be available in three sizes of small, medium and large.


The Pocket Screen and Tab Screen are juiced by 2,800mAh and 7,000mAh batteries respectively. These also act as a portable battery pack of the Hub (1,000mAh) if needed. The entire Suite is thus powered by a mighty 10,800mAh and can last for multiple days without having to charge on a daily basis.


With Neptune Hub, you can make calls, track fitness stats, send text messages and stay connected on your social networks. Contact Slide is a pressure sensor strip on the Hub that lets you access the recent contacts with a swipe. The Hub also supports voice diction. It runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop so, the interface and apps are very much familiar to you if you are using an Android smartphone.

So, you mean, I will end up buying the entire suite? What about the existing gadgets?

The best part about Neptune Hub is the seamless transition it offers. It can integrate to other gadgets too. If you feel that replying on a mail becomes tricky on the smartwatch, you can easily take it to the other device and start exactly from there where you left it. And the entire computing hub isn’t that costly either.

Price of Neptune Suite

Neptune Suite made an appearance at Indiegogo for the funding and has completed its funding goals by now. You can back up the project in three tiers of $599 / $649 / $199 (pay rest $550 on the delivery.) The estimated retail price of Neptune Hub is slated to be $899.

Delivery of Neptune Suite

The shipping is expected to start by February 2016.


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