How to monitor and sync Jawbone Up on your Smartphone( Mac, iPhone, Android, PC)?

Jawbone Up is not only band but it can also cover up your need of checking your walking details or any other fitness activities. For it, you have to sync Jawbone Up to your smartphone through its app and internet connection as it has no display to present the exact stats.

If you are using Jawbone Up then you need to download Up by Jawbone app for your iPhone and Android.

Once you are done with the downloading process for the Android and iPhone then all you need to know is how to sync Jawbone Up on your smartphones? Well we have explained below the complete procedure of how to sync Jawbone Up with your Android and iOS smartphones in simple and easy steps. Check it out:

How to sync Jawbone Up on your smartphone?

  • First you need to connect The Jawbone Up with the help of 3.5mm pin to your smartphone.
  • If you are completed with the pin then you need to take help of Up app which you have installed in your iPhone or Android.
  • On the top right corner there is a Refresh icon which will lead your fingertips to the right side to open a menu. After that you will be able to see lot of options like Sync now, Stopwatch, Power Nap, Idle Alert, Sleep Mode and Smart Sleep Alarms.
  • Next you have to press the button of sync now then the app will show its result through syncing all data with the band and by showing battery consumption.

Jawbone-Up-App-SyncNow I have described the tutorial of syncing the Jawbone Up on your smartphone. This will help you immensely to progress every steps properly as it is so easy.

You can check the stats in the app like counting the steps, and other fitness details. All can be tracked with the usability of Jawbone Up. With the help of bar diagram you can see the date and number of steps taken by individual.


There is new version of the Jawbone Up app is available from which you can view particular section of the latest activities. You can also check intriguing things like sleep, profile, goal and steps through swiping down the Recent Activities from the top.

The app is interesting enough to circulate fitness stuffs and very useful in this fast life.


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