The MB Chronowing HP smartwatch: Release Date, Specs and Price

Two months ago, smartwear segment  was buzzed with the debutante entry of HP and Michael Bastian smartwatch. It is to be noted that Michael Bastian is very famous American fashion designer and has incredible work portfolio in menswear. HP collaborated with Bastian keeping the fact in mind that apart from being performance-oriented, smartwatch should look better because after all, one is going to wear it on wrist and it is going to be there for all people to see. Dubbed as MB Chronowing, this smartwatch is a techie twist on traditional watch. It looks pretty much similar to the traditional men watches which have round watch face and metallic screws.

Michael Bastian HP smartwatch

Features and Specs of  Michael Bastian Chronowing HP smartwatch

This 44mm watch features a LCD display in monochrome and has metallic ring located in the corner. MB Chronowing smartwatch is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The information such as notifications is displayed on the small non-touch watch face. The indicators of battery and connectivity are on the screen at the right edge. If you ask me, this is too much going in the small space.

The three navigation buttons occupy the sides of HP Chronowing and can be used to go through the 10 channels to keep an update on stocks, appointments, sports score, e-mail and text messages notification as well as auto sync to time zone function. You can also use the watch to control the volume of music on phone as well as to change the track. You do not see traditional clock hands because the smartwatch relies on the LCD for timekeeping.

Michael Bastian HP smartwatch 1

For those who are aware of Pebble Steel, MB Chronowing is very much like Californian smartwatch but without customizable watch faces, fitness monitoring and third-party apps. It does not have touch screen and you cannot speak to it to respond. Since you won’t be able to do much with this HP-Bastian watch, you can enjoy the battery backup up to 7 days between occasional charges.

Availability and Price of Michael Bastian Chronowing smartwatch


The watch is available on online retailer Gilt and Amazon and will be available for purchase on November 7th and is priced at $350. The color options for interchangeable straps are black rubber, olive nylon and brown leather in perforated pattern. Other than this, a limited edition model with black leather strap, sapphire crystal and PVD lamination is also available that is priced at $649 and looks identical to Apple Watch. Only 300 pieces of this limited edition Michael Bastian watch will be available and go for sales on the same day. Each caseback is stamped with the signature of Michael Bastian.

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Our Two Cents on MB Chronowing

The wrist smartwear had three camps till now, the one that packs in as many as features and the one that covers all the pretty faces. The third camp can be attributed to fitness band which track your health and are compatible with major OS. Michael Bastian watch is a pretty watch and has traditional look but also alerts you for incoming calls or text messages. It also does live streaming of sports, stocks and weather forecast when connected to your smartphone device but does not track your health or monitor your sleep pattern. So, I am completely clueless about where does it fit? In the middle of nowhere, it seems!

 Unlike Pebble, it is not even a gateway or connecting smartwatch that tries to do an attempt on half of each segment.

Nonetheless, this Hewlett-Packard smartwatch is clearly the win of style over substance. Designer Bastian’s statement in which he accepts to have not much of knowledge about technology is clear proof of that. “I wanted people to be more polite in meetings or during lunches” he explains the concept behind coming up with a ‘more stylish, less techie’ version of a smartwear wrist device that does not beep or track! The clunky, TAGHeuer version of smartwatch can be discreetly glanced at without letting anybody feel offended. The vibrations are mild and since you can connect it to Android and Apple smartphones, your choice of phone does not depend on your watch.

Since this flagship wrist smartwear is the result of HP’s collaboration with Bastian, the watch is extremely stylish. It is 5 ATM water-resistant too; the number one requirement to be qualified as wrist smartwear but it does not look as a serious attempt on the tech part and comes across as a half-hearted attempt by HP. A category that is bursting with innovative smartwear gadgets on a day-to-day basis, need something extraordinary to push the envelope. When it comes to gadgets, surviving on mere style could be a suicidal attempt at it.

If your bank account is brimming with money, go ahead and flaunt it or if you want something basic in terms of technology and aesthetically exceptional, MB Chronowing is the perfect pick for you. I would skip it and rather wait for Apple Watch to be rolled out.

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