Leatherman gives you the first multi-tool wearable, the Tread

Little did the Leatherman’s president, Ben Riviera know that his very useful and lovable Skeletool won’t be able to get a security clear at Disneyland! But when he went to office, he understood the problem of people like us who, despite the functionality and need, cannot take a multi-tool like Leatherman post the airport gates or any place where taking a potential weapon like knife is prohibited.

So, he started to work on the idea of a wearable tool that is handy and as capable as any other tool coming from the house of Leatherman. To get an idea of weight, he wore bike chain bracelet in his hand. And, this is how the idea of one of the most useful wearable, the Tread was realized. It may not be digital, won’t be able to tell you steps taken or measure your heart rate but it can open a beer can, break a glass and even has a cutting hook.

Leatherman gives you the first multi-tool wearable, the Tread1

It is to be noted that in the form of Tread, Leatherman Tool Group bring the world’s first multi-tool that can be worn on a wrist.

The Tread is made of 11 small corrosion-resistant links that are molded together with slotted fasteners. You can change the order of the link or rearrange them for a better fit by reducing it to 1/4th of the original size. Leatherman tools are known for strength as well as intensity and Tread is no exception. Shock-resistant and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is designed to withstand the test of time. The sapphire crystal also limits the reflection of the screen and enhances the daytime visibility. Each link is functional as 2-3 tools. The links double up as hex drive, screwdriver, box wrench, carbide glass breaker and cutting hook. To use any of these links, you need to remove the bracelet and fold it to expose that particular tool.

But since there is no knife, you can easily take it to the airports, heritage sites and educational institutes. In total, there are 25 tools that are joined to form a beautiful bracelet.

Leatherman gives you the first multi-tool wearable, the Tread

For consumers, the Tread will be offered as a bracelet. The bundled offering, Leatherman Tread QM1 will also be available with Swiss-made quartz watch. The watch’s curved face and smooth finish makes it a beautiful piece.

Release and Price of Leatherman Tread and Tread QM1

The Tread bracelet will be available as a standalone model and with the watch. The Tread is expected to be available in March or April with the price tag of $150. The black version of Tread bracelet will be available for US $200. The bundled watch offering would want you to shell out $500.

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Well, this is the fashion accessory exclusively for males. Even if you do not wear any, you would love to sport the Tread for the sake of the functionality the 25 tools on your wrist would offer. The weight and wear-ability part is something too early to tell but the idea indeed has potential.

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