Leap Motion Allows Users to Touch or Build Things with Their Hands in VR

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality is the next best thing in the tech world. But while it may feel totally unreal in the best sense possible when you find yourself immersed in the world of VR with the aid of a great headset, the limitations that you will face especially on mobile platforms are more than likely to suck at least a portion of the “reality” out of VR. VR tech biggies like Oculus have already begun thoughtful probing into that area, but while controllers and touchpads may seem like a solution, they do fall short of providing a truly realistic feel. However, with the latest technology from Leap Motion, it seems our VR blues are soon going to be a thing of the past.

Leap Motion

Image Courtesy: Engadget.

The American startup that specialises in hand motion sensor technology is soon to offer up its newest endeavour for mobile-based VR headsets. The Leap Motion Mobile Platform uses the company’s hand-tracking technology that works alongside its motion controller sensor; the latter houses two tiny cameras that help in detecting hand and finger motion in vivid detail without the need for external controllers. So basically, all you will have to do to see your hands in VR is to bring them up in front of your face where the sensor can easily pick them up.

This is not much of an issue, as the sensor comes with an increased speed of up to 10 times along with an expanded field of view of 180 x 180 degrees compared to its earlier endeavours, Mashable reports. Its slightly downward tilted design also facilitates detection owing to your hands’ natural positioning in relation to your face. It has been designed with less powerful mobile devices in mind, so it only consumes about 5 percent of a phone’s battery.

At present, Leap Motion is offering up demos of the technology to different companies. We hope to see the new Leap Motion technology surface on traditional mobile headsets soon.


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