kSafe lets you earn the rewards

If your idea of staying fit is to eat as much as you want and burn the calories by sweating it out, then kSafe is for you. Or yes, also if just in case you need more motivation to go for running than having a wearable to track your fitness progress. The kSafe comes in handy if you want your little ones to study or stop watching too much of TV. Now that we have your attention, read on.

kSafe lets you earn the rewards

kSafe is a smart, lockable and connected safe where you can put rewards such as TV remote, cookies and iPad stacked away. The jar-cum-safe will open only when you have met your goals. As most of us tend to lose motivation or feel tired in the process, the kSafe keeps your motivation in place by tempting you with certain rewards you would like to treat yourself with afterwards.

The kSafe mixes the sudden excitement of setting a goal with a realistic achievement while pushing you higher with willpower and motivation. It makes the entire process more-driven and approach-oriented with the help of small yet significant rewards. Imagine a day without TV when your favorite action movie is being premiered or not being able to drive to work just because you haven’t exercised enough or didn’t complete the steps.

While you store and lock away your temptation into kSafe, the next step you have to do is to set goals with the help of the compatible smartphone app. You can find three different fitness and health goal settings and have full control over it. But after you have set it, there is no leeway and overriding with your goals.

The app works with Android (4.1+) and iOS (4S and above). If you happen to lose your mobile or have changed your smartphone, download the connecting app and you can start from where you left.

The goal settings consist of three levels, activity goals, location goals and time goals. Activity goals let you take number of steps or calorie burnt. You can corroborate the app with fitness trackers like FitBit for this.

Location goals let you check-in to a specific location such as gym or library whereas time goals allows you to set timer for certain days or weeks. You can use it to cut back the time you spend watching TV or to curb a bad habit.

The kSafe can also be used as a password-protected box and opened at will with a customized pin code.

The kSafe app tracks the progress and lets you review the accomplished goals.

On the design front, kSafe looks pretty cute. It is available in three color variants of white opaque, white translucent and black opaque. The safe has button dial and 360 LED rings that can be used to check your progress. For instance, if 50% of the ring illuminates, you have accomplished half of your goal and likewise.

The kSafe brings in the research of Yale, Stanford, Princeton and MIT onboard as the campaign page reads on Kickstarter.

It is an open API for developers and can be expanded further.

Availability and Price of kSafe:

kSafe is in prototype phase and will be shipped by November to the early backers. kSafe price tiers range from $89 to $349.

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