Kairos T-band can transform a regular analog watch into smartwatch

Smartwatches are in vogue. From small to big, every company is having a unique take on the smartwatch. But what about the rest of lesser mortals who own a chronometer or an inherited analogue watch that sits pretty in the dressing drawer? Or the ones who don’t want to go digital or aren’t yet ready for it?

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Are you just supposed to gawk at it wondering what to do with it or wear it despite knowing that every person you are going to meet is going to talk about his smartwatch while you feel all-alone and stranded?

Well, where the likes of Apple Watch take splurging on the technology to a completely new level and which needs to be purchased as a standalone model, Kairos T-band comes as a thrifty option and pimps up your existing, boring time-telling device into a smartwatch. Earlier we talked about it here when the company came into the news for creating Kairos Mechanical Smart Watch hybrid. The company affirms that it doesn’t stray away from the resources or dilute the brand value of the original smartwatch. The T-band utilizes same firmware and has all the ingredients of a smartwatch.

T-band is available in two forms, as a T-band and T-band with analog mechanical watch. The T-band on its own is quite capable and has three versions, T-band OD (P-MOLED @ $199), T-band HD (Hidden Display @ $179) and T-band ND (No Display @ $149). The prices and versions vary on the screen-basis and mainly on the features they offer.

The T-band also doubles up as fitness band and is equipped with health sensor. It will replace the strap of your analog watch and will transform it into a smartwatch. Kairos offer various adapters to suit the different wrist size and lug ends from 18-24mm. It features clamp style mechanism that is easy to lock-in. The T-band is based on the in-built OS named Kairos OS. This OS is based on FreeRTOS, a platform that many smartwatches’ OS use. It is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. It is made of rubber and hence, is flexible and lightweight. When you are connected, it is capable to fetch alerts from the social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. You can also make it work like a remote control for the tablet PC or smartphone and control the camera and music. The expected battery life of all three versions is stated 2-3 days on mixed usage. You can also send the pre-set draft messages and control thermostat via your T-band. And when you are done with your watch, simply unplug the strap and clamp it to another watch. Simple, isn’t it?

It can also figure out the number of steps taken, calories burnt and your activity level. The fitness and sleep monitoring is backed up by Misfit. While the T-band is basic, it still rolls in the optical sensor and GSR sensor. It is also supported by Google Fit, Apple Healthkit and Microsoft Health. As of now the HD and OD version support only English language.

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