Jawbone UP4 packs in Amex Contactless Payment

Jawbone takes its new line of fitness tracker and mixes it up with a relatively new and an innovative feature. The maker has entered into a contract with American Express, which enables the users to link their American Express card with its new offering UP4 and make NFC-based contact less payments. Check The latest Jawbone black friday deals

Jawbone UP4 packs in Amex Contactless Payment1

Jawbone’s new fitness wristbands are NFC enabled and users can connect their American Express card with the help of iOS or Android UP app. According to the American Express spoc, the payment via UP4 is transmitted via a different Digital Account Number. The details remain private and only the exclusive digital number is shared with Jawbone, which is needed to make payments via UP4.

With a one-time registration and single tap, the users can make payment across the U.S. with the wearable. Users won’t have the luxury to switch the card once it is registered and connected with Jawbone UP4. Users can also launch the Amex mobile app by tapping the mobile screen with band.

According to the Vice President of Product Management and Strategy, Travis Bogard, this integration with Amex will make the life of Jawbone easier and more streamlined by enabling them making payment at times without the need of plastic or hard money at times. As the Jawbone UP4 is supposed to be sported 24/7, the Amex contactless payment comes in handy.

The new flagship fitness tracker, Jawbone UP4 is expected to be available in this summer for $199.99. Only U.S. availability is confirmed till now. It tracks physical activities; monitors sleep patterns and overall heart health. It also does food logging for you and has in-built smart coach to keep you motivated.

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