Israeli Company Deep Optics Set To Introduce Omnifocal Glasses Which Can Cure Presbyopia

An Israeli company called Deep Optics has presumably come up with a new technology of  high-tech glasses lens to cure the ailment of presbyopia, a disorder which practically happens to everyone at a certain age where near-sighted vision fades considerably  and people in their mid-forties lose the ability to focus on objects.


The Omnifocal glasses developed by Deep Optics use electronic lenses that feature a layer of liquid crystal. This can change its refractive index to match where the wearer is looking using sensors and a battery built into the frame. The company insists it can produce a more natural form of vision correction.  Sensors built into the frame of the glasses monitor the wearer’s eyes to calculate where the person is focusing using the pupillary distance – the distance between the centre of each pupil. The liquid crystal is then automatically adjusted to match this and produce a clear view.

“The user doesn’t have to control it, doesn’t have to look through a specific area of the lens. [They] just have to look through the glasses as they would with any glasses prior to that.”

-Yariv Haddad, Deep Optics CEO and Founder

The Omnifocal glasses use two optical sensors in the frame continually monitor the pupillary distance which changes whenever we try to focus on a different distance. A processing unit hidden in the frame calculates the distance the eye is trying to focus on and sends an electrical signal to the liquid crystal in the lenses. If the glasses run out of power or are turned off, the liquid crystal is automatically set to focus into the distance.

There is still a very long way to go for the technology to be implemented and made market-ready when all that is available for now is a working prototype from the company. Haddad said that those issues require at least two years of development to fix, but the glasses would still need to go through extensive user testing. This means an actual commercial version might not be available until the end of the decade.


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