HTC Vive Release Date, Price, Specs, Features and Pre-order News

Market of virtual reality gears are being crowded day by day. Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has entered the competition with their product-  HTC vive which is jointly developed by HTC and Valve corporation.


HTC vive is powered by Steam VR which is the answer to the competitors. This awesome device was unveiled in the Game Conference 2015 for the first time. Steam is the biggest games distribution platform in the world is owned by valve and as they are entering VR world, gamers are gearing up for experiencing this new device.

HTC VR Vive Features and Specs

Let’s get into the HTC’s new virtual reality gear and take a look on overall adjustment to make it viable in market.

The first thing you will see is that HTC Vive is little more eyes catching than the PlayStation VR. Though in first impression it will not make that impact as the design looks like ordinary but when we talks about comfort, HTC vive has unmatched experience.


The HTC Vive comes with  a display which features two 1080 x 1200 screens, one for each eye.The total resolution of the HTC Vive is 2160 x 1200 pixels and includes aspect ratio of 9:5, unlike most the VR’s 16:9 aspect ratio.The screen of the Vive VR runs at 90Hz and the device includes a front camera too, so that the real world can be overlaid onto the virtual.

Comfort Redefined

The easy to wear feature is the unique special point of HTC’s virtual reality gear, even you really can move it casually, don’t worry- it will stay in place. In a word it carries amazing comfort and fit. The strap is well designed and can adjust any sized head into it! Sometimes adjusting heads of different sizes is not really easy. Lightweight and smartly designed head gear for ultimate comfort.

Gear Controls Got Improvement

Coming to the controls- these things got a lot of improvements. It has technically improved and polished than its first controller that was 3D printed and controls has a lots of rough portions which feel really harsh while controlling the device! The angles and curves made it more comfortable to handle.

All the triggers are simple and look generic in style. It uses light house laser instead of camera that provides better visual features. It’s most advanced till date. The new light house laser is optimized for low latency in this device. Hence all the movement of target in VR appears on the screen without any kinda motion blurring or delay or visual distraction.

Better Resolution and Smart Visual Adjustment

Using it as a VR gear is absolutely safe because you will not suffer motion sickness. That’s the thumbs up point for HTC vive. We have missed a pint while talking about visual feature of this VR device. It has not only superior resolution but also the highest in the market! In 90 fps it can deliver 1.200 x 1.080 P.P.E. (pixels per eye) display quality.

HTC vive uses SteamVR which is famous for providing 360 degree room scale virtual reality experience. The new steam tracking system which is inbuilt here can track your head position and controllers. This way it delivers best accuracy with low latency.

Play Games like a Pro

If you are hard core gamer then a good eyes for you. You can play all the games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, Surgeon Simulator 2013, and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archive, Radial-G, Omega Agent,Hover Junkers, Fantastic Contraption, Surgeon Simulator, Skyworld. This is Valve’s magic for sure. Apart from these you can also try your hands on games like The Lab, Audio Shield, Vanishing Realm: Rite of Steel, Water Bears VR, Cloudlands: Mini Golf etc.

HTC VR Vive Price and Release Date

HTC released the coveted VR device Vive on 5th April, 2016 with a hefty price tag of $799 / £689. But this soar price is bearable as it is a magnificent device by all means.

  1. […] HTC Vive release date, price, specs, Features and Pre-order News […]

  2. […] HTC Vive release date, price, specs, Features and Pre-order News […]

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