HTC One Wear release date, price and features

Several rumors of HTC One Wear showing up last year in August or September proved to be a hoax and nothing else. Then the market was abuzz with the rumors of a CES 2015 release but it failed to show up yet again. Well now again, it is in the news and experts are hoping for its launch anytime soon.

HTC One Wear

While Apple Watch has upped the ante of wearable market, HTC One Wear is not going to have it easy. The launch was shelved at many occasions because the Taiwanese company failed to get it “right.” Sources were also of opinion that HTC failed to compete with the ever-changing and cut-throat world of wearables.

Well, proving all of them (and us too) wrong, HTC One Wear is expected to make a grand entry at MWC, which is to be held in Barcelona on 2nd March. The smartwatch will work in tandem with Under Armour’s fitness service and will aim people who are fitness enthusiasts. The partnership between these two companies has been announced already.

Please note that it is the debutante entry by the Taiwanese company into the market of wearables. After all, it could not just let OEMs like Samsung and Motorola hog all the limelight. Though, there have been smartwatches by LG and ASUS with sequels announced already, Android Wear is yet to be perfected and this seems to be quite a long journey. Though, HTC will be using a customized version of Android Wear including new features and elements for its debut product. This is exactly what HTC did with its smartphones by making a breakthrough with Sense user interface.

HTC One Wear1Given the experience of company with metal housing, expect the wearable to come with metal and plastic body. The straps could be made of plastic whereas the face could be made out of stainless steel.

Earlier, this activity and health tracker was seen as a prime contender against Motorola Moto 360 but the recent tip off by famous leakster @evleaks revealed it to be a square-faced and not round. Though, it is an artistic rendition and not a faithful reproduction. Similarly, a box image was also released with a sneak shot of app icons in Chinese that can be translated to music, camera and file manager.

If the insiders at HTC are to be believed, HTC One Wear has features that can pull people towards it in the world of wearables where customers are still trying to understand why exactly they need smartwatch for?

Release and Price of HTC One Wear

The idea of 2015 release seems to be a little far-fetched but since Apple Watch may be released in March, HTC would want to be stacked against its arch-rival.  HTC One Wear has direct competition with Motorola Moto 360 too, so its price could be anywhere between $250 and $350. If the company fails to release its first-ever wearable product in 2015, it may want to take advantage of next version of Android Wear. Similarly, it has some extra time to figure out the downside of wearables such as battery life, wear-ability and some real functions too.


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