How Long is the Kneading Cycle on a Bread Machine?

Kneading a bread is one of the most important stages in baking a bread. But how long should the kneading be? Well, this article helps to explain the answer

Kneading Cycle of a Bread Machine:

After you have put all the ingredients inside the bread, the kneading of the bread takes place. There is a paddle in the bread machine that helps to need the bread. After the first kneading, the bread is left to rise a little. Post that, a second kneading is also done.

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Depending on the type of bread that you are making, the breads have different kneading cycles. The bread machines have pre- programmed cycles for this purpose. The factors which determine the kneading cycles include the following:

  • What is the amount of time required for kneading?
  • What is the amount of time required for rising?
  • What is the amount of time required for baking?

Problems with Under Kneading:

If you have not kneaded your dough enough, you shall face the following issues:

  • When you put an under kneaded dough inside the bread maker, you will see that the bread has not sprung up as much as it should
  • The result of the above is that the texture of the loaf is really dense and flat
  • When you try to cut slices of the final product. It shall all tear apart

What Do You Do in Case of Under Kneading?

It is very much possible that you under knead your dough. The main manner of realizing that your dough is under kneaded is that it is too lose and soggy. You shall be able to tear the same in an easy manner. So, what do you so when you reach this stage? Well, since the dough will be under kneaded, you will have to keep kneading the dough. This will also give hints that you have not kneaded the dough in an appropriate manner during the early stages. This will give you problems when you are trying to turn your dough into a loaf. You should try to shape it into a ball first and then give it its final shape.

Over-Kneading the Dough:

When you are using a kneading machine, over kneading a dough can be a common thing. When you are using a machine to knead the dough, you should keep on changing the dough time and again and see whether or not it has over kneaded. It will suddenly become too dense if you have over kneaded the dough. The loaf will tear very easily as the gluten will be worked up too much.

Problems with Over Kneading:

  • The final outcome shall be a very dry piece of bread
  • The bread will become too dense and you shall not enjoy eating the same.

What Do You Do in Case of Over Kneading?

If you have over kneaded the dough, make sure that before putting the dough inside the oven, you will make it rise to a considerable extent. This cannot reverse the process, but at least you can be rest assured that the damage can be undone to some extent, if not completely.

I hope that the above article has been helpful in making you understand the importance of kneading and the appropriate kneading cycle.

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