Geeksme is more than just a sex performance tracker

Last year we discussed if the sex wearable business would perform or remain limited to mere foreplay. Well, looks like the trend is here to stay. OEMs are not shying away from entering into your bedroom and track how you perform in sack. The latest entry is from Geeksphone, a Spanish company which is most popularly known for its super-secure Blackphone and Geekphone. Geeksphone’s Geeksme is a wristband that apart from offering the usual function is also capable to track sexual performance in terms of calories burnt and activity levels.

Geeksme is more than just a sex performance tracker

Geeksme is not a full-fledged sexual activity tracker like Fundawear and SexFit but is more of a fitness band-meets-smartwatch. It offers sexual monitoring as an added benefit considering that sex is also a physical activity and lets you burn calories. On the fitness front, this wristband will track number of steps taken, calories burnt and total activity time. It will also inform you of incoming texts and calls. It also acts as an alarm to notify you of a meeting. It asks you to move upon detecting inactivity over a certain period and will also remind you to take medicine timely. The wristband also tracks ecological footprint of the user based on the lifestyle. It tells you to minimize it and contribute to the well-being of the ecology.

In bedroom, it ensures that that your sexual performance is monitored in a private and confidential manner (So, if you are performance-conscious or want to boost your self-esteem or down it and not want to enjoy the act, well, what can we say?)   Moreover, it also monitors sleep quality.

The plus point is that rather than just focusing on a single aspect, it offers you sex tracking as a new feature, a comprehensive tracking of your lifestyle and helping you to lead healthy lifestyle. Looks wise, it has ergonomic design and fits comfortably on the wrist. The finish gives it a luxury look and you can easily carry it off. The aluminum frame lends the wristband durability and long-life. The tactile screen is made of OLED and 12-LED technology.

The dashboard is also very simple and gives insight on your lifestyle in the form of intuitive graphs for the certain time period. You can also share your fitness goals socially and challenge your friends to join you in.

Though, the official website reveals nothing about the look, the tracking or compatibility with the Android or Apple phones. However, as the wrist band comes from the makers of Blackphone, known for encryption and security, we can at least take solace in the fact that data will be safe and privy to the users’ eyes only.

Geeksme is still under development and there has been no news on its launch date or price point. If an all-rounder wrist band that also tracks your performance in bed catches your fancy stay tuned because we will be updating this as soon as we hear from the makers.

Via Geeksme

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