Garmin Fenix 6 Release Date, Features, Specs, Price and News

Most of us are well aware about the Garmin famous Fenix which is a smart watch and at the same time preference for the people who are much into sports and outdoor activities. The watch contains most of the features which are in favor of the fitness training and also you can use this for the outdoor navigation. And it would be a great gadget for the people who are into multiple sports and at the same time want to keep a track for everything.

Garmin keep giving the updates and keep launching new products from time to time. Last summer they launched Fenix 5 Plus. Fenix 5 Plus is very much like the previous smart watch in the same domain but it has some of the new features which are specifically introduced with its launch. Some of the new feature that were introduced in Fenix 5 Plus are –

  1. Ability to store music
  2. Pre-loaded topographical maps
  3. Garmin play
  4. Galileo
  5. Oxygen Saturation

Now people are waiting eagerly for the launch of Fenix 6. There is a lot of competition in the market and technology is getting changed night and day. In this kind of scenario, it is very difficult to remain in the race and for this Garmin also working very hard. They are going to provide some of the latest and not seen before in their next series. here we are going to discuss about some of these features.

Expected Garmin Fenix 6 Features

Fenix 5 is a GPS watch which can be used with multi range of sports. You can use to keep the track for cycling, cross country skiing, hiking, open water swimming and even for indoor rum, bike and swim. It can keep a track for the heart rate and at the same time you can use it to keep the track for the outdoor navigation and for running metrics. There is one more feature, which is although not that mush user friendly but also one of the latest feature. You can connect this to the software and this can be your smart phone app and can also be a more comprehensive web dashboard.

To provide real time information all the Fenix watches are equipped with ABC sensors. The elevation data is provided by built-in altimeter and you came to know about the weather predication by barometer which shows short term trends in the air pressure. And for the stationary and moving records 3-axis electronic compass is being used.

These features are seemed to be amazing. But still the gadget is not perfect. Some of the user have reported the issues with ANT + reception problems. Other sensors are seemed to be working fine. SO, in Fenix 6, you are going to have a better ANT + antenna plus a better way to tract the heart rate and better GPS sensor.

Design Expectations

Fenix 5 came with an upgraded design in which you find more slim body The bumped up specs has been replaced with the slimmer body. The bulky design created some of the problems for the female users because of their small size wrist. 5s is the first Garmin’s Fenix which is designed specifically keeping in mind the female sports enthusiast. And now there are three different sizes available. User can choose any one of them as per their preferences. In the next version which would be the version 6, you are going to see more slim body and there would be an increase in the screen size which obtained by shrinking the bezel.

There are talks that Garmin is going to reduce the thickness of the watch further in the next version but this could affect the battery life. As mid-sized Fenix 5 run for 2 weeks if you use this in the smart watch mode and for 24 hours if used in the GPS mode. The battery life of 5s and 5X is a bit less due to size reduction. Garmin cannot compromise with the battery life. SO, it is to be seen how mush size reduction would be done.

The same point applies to the possible introduction for the touch screens and high res-screen , this could also result in poor battery life. SO, company would keep the physical button instead of the touch screen for the navigation purpose and these button would present on side of the watch. Also, tough screen will not work in case of wet weather and while swimming.

So, we cannot expect very much change in the design and this is not going to be a good idea. However, we can expect more variation in the size which can also include the premium version and variable in the color and the watch faces.

New Sensors

A pluse oximeter is more likely to get introduced in the new edition. This has also been introduced in 5X and Vivosmart 4. This sensor will keep a track for the oxyge saturation level in night time and with this you can check how well you slept at night and you can also keep a track at the oxygen level at day time. For this, you need to make the advance settings.

And, we can surely expect some more sensors. Because this could be real advancement for the new version and in this we can expect a  blood pressure sensor, sweat analysis sensor, hydration sensor, glucose sensor and so on.

More Training Metrics

The watch has the feature which let you know about your form and fitness which include VO2 estimator. Fenix 5 make use of Firstbeat technology and algorithms which extract data from the running speed, beats per minute and heart rate and provide you result which include the estimation of the maximum volume of the oxygen which you can consume in a minute. There are some other fitness metrics which includes Race Predictor which track for the ideal finish time based on the VO2 max number, recovery advisor with recovery time and recovery check and many more. There was an update which keep track for all day stress and provide you track for the reps and sets in gym.

There are some new features in the Vivosmart 4 named Body resources. This let you know when to push hard and when to relax by using some combinations of the stress, heart rate variability, sleep and activity data. And there are some other fitness metrics which you cannot find any of the Garmin’s smart watch. This include the physical activity score and sleep quality assessment.

The new Suunto Fitness 3 might also use the Firstbeat for taking the physical analysis and provide 7-day training plan. This plan is created automatically by the watch by taking into consideration the fitness level of the user and the exercise history. So, if you have missed some of your pushes and has done somewhat more, you need not to worry. The plan will take a record for all of this. If you ate something not healthy and the high caloric food, it would also be compensated into the plan and Fenix 6 is perhaps going to have this feature. So, this is one more fitness metrics which we could find in the Fenix 6.

So, we can expect to have some of these fitness metrics which has not been included in the Garmin’s watch yet. To take running power from wrist is also the possibility. This has already been adopted by Polar Vantage V. It account for the terrain, form and fatigue and will tell them how much hard user need to run. There can be third party sensors. But, Garmin could follow polar lead. And in this way calculations would be done natively.

There are special features which not only help for running but also for training swimming, cycling, golfing, and also skiing. To capture all the features might take a lot of time.

One thing is sure, Fenix 6 is coming with lot of updates and therefore there would be more niches on this. We will keep you updating about all this and will try our best to provide you all the information over this. Fenix 6 would going to be more advanced the Fenix 5. It is going to be more stylish, more slim. There would be more functionality added to this, which might missed in the previous version. Also, some of the complaints which Garmin got in the previous release, would take care in this release. And, the best of all would be delivered to the user.

Garmin Play and more

So, the new versions of the Garmin’s smart phone will come with the NFC chip. This store all the information for the credit card and you need not to carry your wallet with you. This functionality is provided by fitplay and support visa and master card and credit cards from major issuing banks. There are possibilities for having these feature in next version.

There are also possibilities for the cellular version for the year 2019. This would help you to call your office while running.

Built-in Music storage

Along with the fitness functions, people are also looking for the non-fitness functions in the wearable. This include storage for the offline songs. This feature in not present in the Fenix .

Now, there are the smart watches which are coming with this functionality. These includes Forerunner 645 music, Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 5 plus. In this, you have a storage capacity of 4 GB which can store up to 500 songs. You can listen this songs by pairing with a Bluetooth headphones and there is no need for the smart phones.

The 6th generation of the Garmin is coming with the feature of downloading the music from the streaming services like iHeartradio, Deezer and spotify. In this way you can create the offline play list.

Expected Garmin Fenix 6 Price

So, Garmin Fenix 5 came with a high price. And it should be as it one of the high end watch. And if you are waiting for a price down. Then, this will be a disappointment for you. You are going to find Fenix 6 in near amount same price range.

But, here is a relaxation, you are going to find choices in the different sizes for Fenix 6. This will result into a price variation. There are some of the models which are premium and will be available at high price. These would be the limited editions and after this some are standard models which could be pocket friendly.

There is no confirmations on the price yet and whatever be the price , Fenix 6 is going to be one of the smartest watch for the fitness enthusiast. The Fenix loyal customer will be with the rand as the latest edition has proved best as per the cost.

So, have a look at the price of the Fenix 6 and decide whether you want to go for the product or not.

Garmin Fenix 6 Release date

So, Fenix 5 has been released in the year 2017. The day it was announced to be released and the actual date on which it got released are few months apart. The company mostly provide the updates on each year. So, it can be predicted that we are not going to have Garmin 6 by mid of 2019. The incremental addition of 5, which is 5s was released in the summer of 2018. So, we can expect for the next update by Autumn 2019.

So, here we have provided the detail about all the feature which are going to  present in the garmin Fenix 6. There is no confirmation in this. Might be some of the feature not taken into consideration for next launch and some new features which not discussed here might be present. If there any other update on this, we will surely provide you. Please in touch with us. Keep connected, we will provide more niches over this and more details about  garmin Fenix 6.

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