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My Café Recipes and Stories is an extremely addictive restaurant simulator game for the Android devices. Apart from being a brilliantly laid out game, this game has some unique features that make it stand ahead of the competition. The game has great graphics and an engaging gameplay that has enough potential to kill your spare time. So, if you are fond of Restaurant simulator games and want to try something out of the league, then you should once try your hands on the improved and entertaining  “My café recipes and stories” right now.

The restaurant simulator games are there for a while and have gained decent popularity among the gamers who are looking for something new and exciting. Apart from being extremely addictive, the game also provides numerous customizations that help the gamers to give the game a different and new look.

My Café Recipes and Stories: Gameplay and Features

As said, the best thing about the My Café Recipes & Stories apk is its gameplay. The game is developed by keeping every single detail of the restaurants worldwide, and that’s the reason why this has been so popular among the gamers who love to play such simulation games on their Android devices to kill their spare time.

Talking about the gameplay, you will have to help the Chef Ann to open her café and help her to serve the guests and fulfill their demand in a limited time. Every level has some challenging tasks that have to befulfilled to clear that level. You will earn some tips and rewards after clearing every level. And you can use this money to customize the kitchen, hire the staff, and upgrade the kitchen appliance. Just make sure that the things you are purchasing should enhance your performance in the kitchen.

Here are the things that we loved about My Café Recipes and Stories

  1. Entertaining gameplay

The best thing that we came across while playing the My Café Recipes and Storiesis the extraordinary gameplay. Unlike the other simulation games, this game actually has a brilliant story associated with each level and you can know it in the story mode. Although the gameplay is simple but it gets more entertaining with every new level and customers. The game becomes harder with every passing level and you are going to love the incremental excitement that will keep you hooked up for hours.

  1. Awesome controls

Apart from the terrific gameplay and storyline, the thing that makes it a way ahead form the competition is the cleverly laid out controls. The controls make it a great game to spend hours without feeling dull or tired. So, if you are looking for a game that has awesomely placed controls then the My Café Recipes and Stories will be the first choice for you.

  1. Timely updates with new levels and customizations

The developers are working deliberately to every single request of the gamers, and this can be seen clearly by having a look at the timely updates and new additions to the game in every month or so. So, for those gamers who love to get a proper feedback from the developers in every new update, the My Café Recipes and Stories is a great game to go with.

  1. You can set the price on the menu.

Unlike the other restaurant simulation games, you can literally set the price for your dishes while playing the My Café Recipes and Stories. This helps you get more control over the gameplay, and you can get great rewards if the customer chooses that dish to order.

  1. Story mode that helps you to be more attached to the storyline of the game

The game has a story mode that lets you know the story behind every level of the game, this helps you to know the different characters associated with the game. Also, this will help you build a personal bonding with the chef and the other characters that willeventually make the game more entertaining.

What’s new in the My Café Recipes & Stories apk

By downloading the My Café Recipes and Stories apk instead of downloading it from the Google’s Playstore, you can get more control over the file and if you are planning to change your mobile in near future, then it would be a better choice as you won’t have to download it again on the new phone. The apk file will reside on your downloads folder,and you can unpack it to install the game once again after accidental uninstall or crash.

Here are the special benefits that you can avail by downloading the latest My Café Recipes and Stories apk from the above-mentioned link.

  1. Level 29 now has a new story
  2. Bunch of new features for the VIP players
  3. New equipment and customizations to make the gameplay even crispier

My Café Recipes & Stories apk: File Information

  • Version: 9.1
  • File Size: 18.8 MB
  • Developer: Melesta Games

My Café Recipes & Stories apk Download Link 

Download here

How to Install My Café Recipes & Stories apk

Here’s list of steps that you will need to follow in order to download and install the game through the apk file.

Step 1: Open the link mentioned above directly on your Android device

Step 2: Openthe file from the location to which it has been downloaded.

Step3:  You may be notified to allow the external sources to install the apps on your phone. If you get this notification, allow the changes.

Step 4: Once the file is opened, you will be prompted to install the app on your phone. Click on Install and sit back relaxed till the game is installed on your Android smartphone.


To conclude, if you are fond of restaurant simulation games, or just love playing these kinds of games where you have to act like someone, then you should once try this amazing game. Unlike the other story-based games, My Café Recipes and Stories has a better gameplay and an attractive storyline that has enough potential to get addicted to.

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